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Gecekondu_Citymined by Mind Map: Gecekondu_Citymined

1. Network

1.1. UP Workshop

1.1.1. Emails in the note - please add\missing mailadresses

1.2. Roskilde university - RUC

1.2.1. John Andersen (professor in Planning, Cities and Processes) and Jan See website translated into english

1.3. TReC

1.3.1. Muge and Ekim

1.3.2. Play the city DUS and TreC - Gecekondu

1.4. Supertanker

1.4.1. Jens, Anders and Jan I briefly met a german girl in the 'urban development' sphere last week searching a traineeship in Copenhagen. Maybe you could write to her: [email protected]

1.4.2. Application (January 11th) for government funded civil society project

1.5. Municipality of Sarıyer

1.5.1. Sevgi Atalay who is the technical advisor and assistant mayor of Sarıyer

1.5.2. Organisational Chart

1.6. Town of Hedehusene

1.6.1. Anders has talked to local people incl politicians

1.7. Sarıyer Neighborhood Platform

1.7.1. Fazlı Welcomes a visit in spring/summer

1.8. Rotterdam International Architecture Biennial

1.8.1. The 5th IABR, Making City, opens in April 2012

1.9. University of Gothenburg

1.9.1. Erik Persson writing for a newspaper and a cultural journal i Sweden

1.9.2. Catharina Thörn Lectures on Urban issues

1.10. Heidrun Wankiewicz

1.10.1. connecting to selfbuilding housing associations like gemeimsam-bauen und wohnen and wohnbund Vienna projects

1.10.2. University of Applied Life Sciences (Boku) Vienna - Master Seminar on Quality of private-public-green including gender issues (Doris Damyanovic)

1.11. Frederik Serroen

1.11.1. City Mine(d)

1.11.2. urban studies program in Brussels, Copenhagen, Vienna and Madrid Polis - Tallinn, Brussels, Manchester, Tillburg Supertanker has a connection to the Tallinn partner Anyone have connections to Tilburg, Manchester or Brussels?

1.11.3. Onuz Oger (Istanbul Cultural Capital of Europe 2010)

1.11.4. Simone Pekelsma (ex-European Urban Knowledge Network / halftime Istanbulbased) EUKN


2. Financing

2.1. Universities

2.2. Bienniale

2.3. Local municipalities

2.4. Fundraising in general

2.5. UN

2.6. EU

3. Ressources

3.1. Urban Age on Istanbul and Gecekondu

3.2. Blog: Reclaim Istanbul

3.3. Wikipedia on Sarıyer

3.4. TReC tetxt on Sarriyer

3.5. Planning perspective

3.5.1. Paper by Gamze OZER

3.6. Academic perspective

3.6.1. Article by Tahire Erman

3.7. UN perspective

3.7.1. Self-made Cities

3.8. French perspective

3.8.1. Jean-François Pérouse

3.9. German perspective

3.9.1. Arch+ special issue

3.9.2. Urban Passion

3.10. Dutch perspective

3.11. Inura perspective

3.11.1. Orhan Esen

3.11.2. Arch+ article

3.11.3. Blog for the Inura 2008 conference

3.12. Videos

3.12.1. Sulukule

3.12.2. SOS Istanbul

3.13. Architecture perspective

3.13.1. Superpool - Danish Turkish architects Koolhaas in Istanbul :-)

3.13.2. Becoming Istanbul Berlin exhebition

3.14. Small business perspective

3.14.1. Made in Shihane

3.14.2. Article in Hyrriyet

4. Projekt ideas

4.1. Bye bye anatolia

4.1.1. Looking at living conditions for people coming from the same area Social hosing in denmark or other places Gecekondus in EG Istanbul

4.1.2. Research and focus on the gececondu aspects

4.2. Visiting

4.2.1. Create a group of local citizens that can visit each other Workshops and handson

4.3. Movies

4.3.1. story about people living in denmark doing selforganised buildings Turkish w english text

4.4. Research base (long term idea)

4.4.1. One reference is Pratt center

4.4.2. Could be organised/backed/linked to a network of european educational institutions

4.4.3. Bridge building function between academia and the local life Accumulation of local knowledge and networks Visiting students and researchers

4.5. Summershcool

4.5.1. Interdisciplinary student workshops

4.5.2. One or two weeks time

4.5.3. Industrial mass housing versus Gecekondu One week in selforganised Gecekondu in EG istanbul one week in industiralized mass housingn - EG in Demanrk

4.6. Camp

4.6.1. Like Barcamp over a weekend

5. Communication

5.1. Skype talk february 11th

5.1.1. Agenda and notes Which Institutional framework? Polis Four cities Which other frameworks could be relevant? What format? - see projekt ideas Wait for a preparation workshop to decide Make scenarios before a prepariation meeting to see what need to be arranged ahead - Meeting with local people, municipality etc. What is the topic? Area in Istanbul under threat A two way approach When is the best time? Preparation in the end of april? Universities start end of september Where? One possible place is a Workers holiday camp - owned by the municipaility How to Finance? Not too many partners Check out cultural exchange programs Check out other form for financing Try and make a lighter structure Juducial framework Need of a formal entity to work w municipality The responsive city - Netherlands embassy (better credibility in the eyes of the municipality)

5.2. Skype names

5.2.1. jens.brandt

5.2.2. anderstoolkit

5.2.3. y.muge

5.2.4. rojdaekimtan

5.2.5. andreabreitfuss

5.2.6. Frederik fedeserroen

5.2.7. hwproject Heidrun

5.2.8. Erik?