Polar Bear

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Polar Bear by Mind Map: Polar Bear

1. Habitat

1.1. You can find them near the southern edge of the Arctic Ocean.

1.2. During Winter time, they live on the ice.

1.3. During the summer time, they live onshore for 2-3 months.

2. Action Plan.

2.1. What the government can do.

2.1.1. The government can reduce the amount of factories being built.

2.1.2. They can make sure that the Polar Bears are not being hunted illegally.

2.2. What we can do.

2.2.1. We can raise awareness so people know that Polar Bears are an endangered species.

3. Feeding.

3.1. Seals.

3.1.1. Bearded Seals.

3.1.2. Ringed Seals.

3.1.3. Harp Seals.

3.1.4. Hooded Seals.

3.1.5. Harbour Seals.

3.2. Sometimes Young Walruses.

3.3. Sometimes Beleugas.

3.4. Sometimes Narwhals.

3.5. Polar Bears rarley attack humans, only when protecting their young or when they are starving.

4. Threats.

4.1. People Over Hunting Illegally.

4.1.1. People want their fur to make clothing.

4.2. Lack of food.

4.2.1. The rate of their prey is lowering.

4.3. Pollution.

4.3.1. The ice that they live on is melting due to Global Warming.

5. Resources.

5.1. http://tinyurl.com/3yrbvtt

5.2. http://tinyurl.com/zp8gv

6. Appearance and Characteristics.

6.1. White fur for camoulaging.

6.2. Male Polar Bears.

6.2.1. Can weigh up to 800 kg.

6.2.2. Are 2.8 m in length from nose to tail.

6.3. Female Polar Bears.

6.3.1. Can weigh up to 400 kg.

6.3.2. Are 2.5 m in length from nose to tail.

6.3.3. Females are usually smaller.

6.3.4. Reach maturity at the age of 4-6 years.

6.4. Few Polar Bears live longer than 25 years.

7. Status.

7.1. Endangered

8. Map.

8.1. http://tinyurl.com/3ynqb9q