My Ple By Pepi Vélez García For #rict1516

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My Ple By Pepi Vélez García For #rict1516 by Mind Map: My Ple By Pepi Vélez García For #rict1516


1.1. At home

1.2. At the University

1.3. At work

1.4. At Official School of Languages (EOI)




2.2.1. Rock Fm

2.2.2. Cadena 100

2.2.3. Kiss FM

2.2.4. 40 Principales

2.2.5. Cadena Dial

2.2.6. Máxima FM


2.3.1. FDF

2.3.2. Tele5

2.3.3. TVE

2.3.4. Antena 3

2.3.5. Cuatro

2.3.6. Divinity

2.3.7. Nova

2.3.8. Energy



3.1. My own

3.2. Family

3.3. Friends

3.4. Teachers

3.5. Classmates

3.6. Colleagues


4.1. Digital

4.1.1. Blogs. When I need to clarify or solving questions or doubts I tend to look for information in blogs. Blogger

4.1.2. Cloud storage. I have to read, literary, all the documents that my classmates upload for our assignments. UM box Google Drive

4.1.3. Social Networks. I like to read from those resources, to find out  what it is going on, what people think, in what they are involved in order to learn and get ideas, or sometimes just for gossiping, listening to music or watching music videos, receips... Facebook Twitter Youtube

4.1.4. Messages. I have to read a lot of emails and WhatsApps to be informed of what is happening at the university or important things that I should take into account. However, I can also read other things that are not related to the university through WhatsApp and Gmail. Gmail Um mail WhatsApp

4.1.5. Web browser. I like to  research on the Internet when I need to clarify, understand or just wide my  knowledge. I am very conscientious, demanding, curious and I can not be with the doubt of something, I need to look for sense in order to understand and  include it in my mental schemas doing relationships with prior knowledge. In the case of Google Scholar, I have only used it to look for deeper information about some specific topic or concepts related to the university. Wikipedia Google Google Scholar

4.1.6. Platform. In oder to be informed about deadlines, announcements in the university I have to be alert and read it. LMS

4.2. Physical

4.2.1. PEOPLE. I can acquire knowledge from the people surround me in different contexts, situations and topics, which is really rewarding although sometimes can also be overwhelming. Family Friends Teachers Seminars at University Meetings Focus group- Nicolás Martínez Valcarcel. This year I was part of meetings, which were part of a research carried our by Nicolás (UM) and Isabel, a professor from Dayton (EEUU). I learnt a lot about culture, monuments and history. Attendance to classes Classmates

4.2.2. Documents. This is the basic and old one. I tend to read the university books because I am forced to do it. It is a pity that I can not spend too much time reading them deeply, there are some which I found really interesting and worthy to read as future teacher. Apart from that, I like a lot reading, I used to read more when I was working, I had more time, in the summer I hope to read as much as I used to do it. I love romance books! Books University Books Romance books


5.1. By hand

5.1.1. Underlined. I tend to underline all the books and sheets of the university because they are too long. It helps me to synthetize and study at the same time I am doing it.

5.1.2. Take my own notes. At classes, I tend to take notes of what the teacher says because when I have to study it´s easy to understand and learn.

5.2. Digital

5.2.1. Documents editors/creators Microsoft Office Word. I do summaries when I have to study by heart, like in History with specific dates or facts. Also, I do assignments from the university in which I have to reflect and give my own opinion about theory. Excel. I tend to use it when I have to present data in an organized and clair way. Also, it is really useful when I have to do figures using quite complex formulas. Power Point. This is my presentation software par excelence. I have used it since I was at high school, I´m really used to it.

5.2.2. Messages. I tend to use them mainly when I have questions and I need them to be solved by teachers, friends or classmates. Gmail Um mail WhatsApp

5.2.3. Cloud storage Google Drive. I use it as documents editors, it´s easy to do the assignments of the university using this software.

5.2.4. Blogs. I use both of them for creating post relating to assignments of the university. Blogger Tumblr


6.1. Digital

6.1.1. Blogs. I share the assignments we do at the university in order other can see and take advantage of them. Blogger Tumblr

6.1.2. Cloud storage. As we have a lot of assignents at the universty, I tend to share with my classmates (within my groups) all the information we do, find and need for doing the assignments. UM box Google Drive

6.1.3. Social Networks. I have started sharing what I do at the university through it. Indeed, I have connected my blog from Tumblr to Twitter and all what I post in the blog is automatically shared in Twitter. Twitter

6.1.4. Messages. When I have doubts, I ask my classmates through it and start discussing the correct answer, solving questions and so on. WhatsApp

6.2. Physical

6.2.1. PEOPLE. I can share information knowledge among the people surround me in different contexts, situations and topics, which is really rewarding. Family Friends Teachers Seminars at University. When we can discuss about the topic. Meetings Focus group- Nicolás Martínez Valcarcel. This year  I was part of meetings, which were part of  a research carried our by Nicolás (UM) and Isabel, a professor from Dayton (EEUU). I learnt a lot about culture, monuments and history. There were some parts of the meetings in which I had to speak and explain my feeling, knowledge and experiences within the topic we were speaking about. Attendance to classes. When teachers ask for our opinions and we start speaking about some topic. Classmates


7.1. My flow could be in two ways:

7.1.1. I "read" the information (books, classes,..), if I do not understand any concepts or I need a deep explanation I tend to look for it on the internet; next I create my own information and finally I share it with the colleagues that could have doubts and with my family if the information stroke me or if it´s awesome or so.

7.1.2. The other way is that someone share with me some information that I like or I find interesting; then I start "reading" and looking for more on the internet to clarify or understand; finally I reflect and create my own information doing my own notes, summarizes or giving my opinion next time the topic arises.


8.1. I only share things from the university: assignments. I do not tend to share other things for pleasure, I think that they are not good enough for sharing or that anyone is going to be interested in reading. I must share more and not only the compulsory, although they are not that good, I should share to have other´s opinions and improve them.

8.2. I am old-fashioned  in terms of social networks and digital staff in general; I am stick to the old tools. I only use facebook for reading, I do not share or create; I singed in Twitter for the first time and I´ll try to use it more often and not only for assignments, it´s a good source of knowledge and information.

8.3. I do not use creative tools like Movie Maker, even more, I did not know how to use them until I had to do it during this course!I must use them on a daily basis, I did like them, and they are easy to use, I was surpirsed and proud of myself because of knowing how to use them.

8.4. I have seen than Pinterest is well known and it has a lot of  uses, I must start using it and take advantage of the possibilities that it provides.

8.5. I "read" a lot, but the other actions are weak, I can see that I am more passive than active. The section of "doing" has more activities because of the compulsory things of the university. In general, all what I do at the moment is related to the university, mainly compulsory things, I can not see things that are for pleasure or curiosity, I highly believe that this is because I do not have too much time to do another things that I am not obligued to do.

8.6. Once that I have known a lot of tools, I´d like to take advantage of them and start using them on a daily basis and for pleasure.

8.7. I need to get used to the digital age, which is a challenge for me but a reality in terms of needs within the schools.