Abandonment is the action or fact of abandoning or being abandoned

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Abandonment is the action or fact of abandoning or being abandoned by Mind Map: Abandonment is the action or fact of abandoning or being abandoned

1. 4F6 abandoned her android baby in order to save all the emotions that they androids had left.

2. The Dreamlife of Toasters

3. 4F6 was an android which might have been what the author portrayed her mother to be like, emotionless like a robot

4. Musical connection: Kelly Clarkson's song piece by piece is about a child being abandoned by her father. Although it isn't abandonment by a mother figure it is still a parent https://youtu.be/LqCqYP7hDWI

5. The man without a heart

6. This story made me think of the tin man without a heart in the movie 'the wizard of oz' because it turned out he had the most compassion https://youtu.be/6aE-nMS9Mnk

7. Literary connection: Heartless by Marissa Meyer. I believe it relates to Lionel because he is persceived as heartless due to all the bad he's been through

8. Lionel is perceived as heartless throughout his family because he abandoned them. However we believe he left because he didn't them to see him at his worse which means he cares about them. Therefore he isn't heartless but full of compassion

9. Michal was abandoned by his father and Lionel is the closest thing he's ever had to a father figure. Thus why Michal didn't think much when Lionel would mess up.

10. We believe this story is a coping method as to why a child has been abandoned.

11. This made us think of the television series: The Fosters. The main character's foster brother and sister were abandoned by their druggie mother. The daughter tends to fantasize why the mother left while creating stories of her which we learn are unreal

12. This made me think of the song 'Heartless' by Kanye West. Even though he knows the girl he is singing about is bad for him he still loves her. Lionel had bad habits but that didn't make Michal love him any less. https://youtu.be/Co0tTeuUVhU

13. '' I'm an addict I would nerver pass that gene on'' this shows that Lionel enough compassion that he wouldn't want to have kids just to avoid the possibility of passing down his illness

14. "His name was Lionel. He was a heroin addict. He died of an overdose when I was thirteen years old. He had the biggest heart in the neighbourhood" this shows that Michal didn't care about Lionel's screw ups he still loved him unconditionally and saw him a way no one has ever seen him; having a big heart.

15. "4F6 didn't want to be without those parts. Without those things she would only be an appliance- a machine" this indicates 4F6 cared more about herself than she did about her child. She cared more about being as human as possible rather than the life she created. This shows she is selfish.

16. "Why am I here? How big is the universe? why am I me and not someone else?" Are thought the baby android had. Being abandoned could provoke feeling unloved which could lead to depression and questioning life itself, which the baby android was doing at such a young age.