Our Magestic Mind Map JK

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Our Magestic Mind Map JK by Mind Map: Our Magestic Mind Map JK

1. Dolls: Each dolls have their own stories. They get bought and have a good time with their girls. In the end, they are left alone and are forgotten because the kid grew out of it.

2. The man without a heart: Michal is very shy and one day her mother met Lionel. Lionel helped Michal in his life by telling him everything he knows and that one day,Michal will be a very powerful person.

3. The Dreamlife of Toasters: Androids aren't supposed to feel any emotions. But here comes 4F6, a female android born in 2112. Her electrical currencies became too high due to an accident. She started to feel thing others can't. She met another android and liked him right away. She wanted to touch him.

4. The holy dove parade: Edward opens a church with the girl that is writting the letter. Jimmy and Nikki joined them later on their project. Nikki gave it the name of the holy dove parade. A little kid came into their story and they kidnapped him to stay with them. Edward was very protective and he installed bombs all over the place that they stayed to protect the kid and they finished by all going to prison but not the little kid because he wasn't implicated.

5. The link that unite Dolls and The holy dove parade is that the little kid is like one of the doll because others take care of him and he is left alone at the end. He continues his life with the knowlege Edward gave him.

6. Existentialism

7. In the story '' The man without a heart '', Michal meats Lionel who gives him his own perspective of living. It means to shine, to be important in the world, to make something different. Lionel has his own belief. He thinks that it's a punishment to be ''human''. He'll do anything to become something . People considered him as a heartless person of the thing that he did. Therefore, it was his way of being meaningful to life.

8. Violent beauty

9. In Dolls, she took something beautiful (dolls) and turned them into something disgusting (them being dirty).

10. In the story ''The Dreamlife Of Toasters'', the androids were all thinking when they saw humans: Humans did not know what their origins had been. They believed in God and searched for the meaning of life in the Bible. Androids didn't have that, they had their original grant applicationb. What's worst is that 4F6'S baby had neither. he just woke up in a dumbster not knowing what was going on. He immediately asked himself some deep questions like '' Why am I me and not someone else?''.

11. In The holy dove parade, the little kid starts off by being good but the more he's with Edward, he looks more and more like him. He's good at the begining but at the end, with all these guns and explosives, he is slowly becoming exactly like Edward.

12. http://ilovelakemac.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/Little-Church2-400-2.jpg

13. http://images.clipartof.com/thumbnails/34398-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Heartless-Tin-Man-Dropping-His-Heart-Into-A-Trash-Can.jpg