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SCUPStrap by Mind Map: SCUPStrap

1. Post-SCUPStrap

1.1. Review top 100 pages

1.1.1. Correct inline styles accordingly (width dimensions)

1.2. All new pages 100% Bootstrap markup/classes

2. Static stage?

2.1. Common

2.1.1. Create Bootstrap build with matching styles

2.1.2. Rewrite internal style classes to be responsive

2.2. New

2.2.1. Reduce specificity

2.2.2. Rewrite/responsify internal style classes

2.3. Page layouts

2.3.1. Bootstrapify page layouts

2.3.2. Bootstrapify components

2.3.3. Change page layouts from 'table' to HTML5

2.3.4. Generate base style for responsive images