10 Places to visit

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10 Places to visit by Mind Map: 10 Places to visit

1. Sweden

1.1. See aurora borealis

1.2. Visit ruins and see the architecture

1.3. Visit art galleries and go skiing

2. Netherland

2.1. See the Van Gogh museum

2.2. Go to the country side to see landscapes

2.3. See the building and history

3. New Zealand

3.1. Go to The Hobbit houses

3.2. Visit the set of the middle earth saga

3.3. Go to waterfalls visit glowworm caves

4. Switzerland

4.1. Go skiing

4.2. Go skydiving

4.3. Eat chocolate and go to museums

5. England

5.1. Go to music festivals

5.2. Visit castels and museums

5.3. Visit the Warner Bros. studio

6. Norway

6.1. Go skiing

6.2. Visit museums

6.3. Go to the mountains and see waterfalls and rivers

7. Italy

7.1. Eat real Italian food

7.2. Go shopping

7.3. Visit the renaissance and go in the canal in Venice

8. Denmark

8.1. Go to Roskilde fesitval

8.2. Visit Odense

8.3. Go to Copenhagen to see castles and museums

8.4. Go shopping

9. Germany

9.1. Visit museums

9.2. Go to Oktoberfest

9.3. Go to Schloss Neuschwanstein and the Black Forest

9.4. See the Gothic architecture and the Berlin Wall

10. Belgium

10.1. see art

10.2. Eat Belgium chocolate

10.3. See the old towns