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Brain Storming by Mind Map: Brain Storming

1. Mexico

1.1. I would love to meet my family in mexico.

1.2. I would love to see Mexico money.

1.3. I would want to eat at a restaurant in mexico.

2. Las Vegas

2.1. I want to visit Ceasers palace.

2.2. I would want to go shopping in Las Vegas.

2.3. I would love to drive around Las Vegas in the night to see all the lights.

3. Greece

3.1. I would want to swim in the Ionian island.

3.2. Go to one of Greece beaches.

3.3. Go into one of Greece caves.

4. Amsterdam

4.1. Go visit The Anne frank house.

4.2. Go to the Holland festival.

4.3. Go to one of Amsterdam famous museums.

5. Italy

5.1. Eat Italian food.

5.2. Learn Italian language.

5.3. Learn how to have a Italian accent.

6. Europe

6.1. Visit the oldest country in Europe.

6.2. I would love to visit Moscow ,Russia

6.3. Go site seeing.

7. China

7.1. I would love to eat at a restaurant in china.

7.2. I would love to visit Summer Palace.

7.3. The Forbidden City would be interesting to visit.

8. Washington DC

8.1. Walk around the white house.

8.2. Meet the president.

8.3. See if the underground tunnels are real in the white house.

9. Hawaii

9.1. See a volcano from a distance of course.

9.2. Learn how to surf.

9.3. Swim with dolphins.

10. Egypt

10.1. See the pyramids of Giza.

10.2. I would love to see a tomb.

10.3. I want to go inside a temple.