19th c Nationalism & Revolutions

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19th c Nationalism & Revolutions by Mind Map: 19th c Nationalism & Revolutions

1. liberalism

1.1. 1. A political philosophy that is based largely on enlightenment principles.

1.2. 2. People should be free as possible from government restraint.

1.3. 3. Liberals did not believe in a democracy and thought that men of property should only be open to vote.

2. Nationalism

2.1. People owe their chief political loyalty to the nation rather than to the dynasty or a political unit

2.2. Jean-Jacques Rousseau, William Wallace

2.3. National Unification: Otto Von Bismarck, Brian Boru

3. Socialism

3.1. Socialism is a system where society owns and controls means of production such as factories and utilities.

3.2. Famous socialists: Robert Owen, Karl Marx, Frederich Engles

3.3. Socialist revolutionaries: Che Guevara, Leon Trotsky

4. French Revolutions pt II

4.1. Louis XVI should be set free

4.2. Austria and Prussia

4.3. Jacobins

4.4. Directory 1795-99

5. Revolts of early 19th century

5.1. 1848 revolutions in the Italian states

5.2. Involved the states of the Italian peninsula and Sicily

5.3. King Charles Albert

6. Italian Unification

6.1. Consolidated different states of the Italian peninsula into a single state of the Kingdom of Italy

6.2. Congress of Vienna

6.3. Giuseppe Mazzini

7. Romanticism

7.1. Age of Enlightenment

7.2. Beethoven

7.3. Rousseau

8. 19th century science

8.1. Charles Darwin

8.2. natural selection

8.3. Thomas Edison- inventor

8.4. Louis Pasteur

9. German Unification

9.1. Versailles Palace

9.2. late 1800s

9.3. Otto von Bismark