Candice Johnson Smartphones

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Candice Johnson Smartphones by Mind Map: Candice Johnson Smartphones

1. Apple: iPhone 4

1.1. Operating systems- iOS:

1.2. Browsers-

1.3. Processors

1.4. URL-

1.5. Image-

1.6. Pros- The iPhone 4 offers enhanced performance, a lovely new display, and an improved design. It also adds a ton of sorely needed features, both by itself and through the iOS 4 update.

1.7. Cons- Multitasking entails some trade-offs, and home screen folders are limited to 12 apps. AT&T reception continues to be spotty, and you'll need a case for the best calling reception. Also, we'd prefer a 64GB model.

2. Blackberry: Blackberry Torch

2.1. Operating System- RIM Blackberry OS

2.2. Browsers

2.3. Processor

2.4. URL-,

2.5. Image-

2.6. GPS, Keybroad

3. Android: Droid-2-Global

3.1. Operating System- Android 2.2 Froyo

3.2. Browsers- Webkit HTML5 based browser; Adobe Flash 10, Pinch to Zoom

3.3. Processor- 1.2 GHz TI OMAP

3.4. URL-,

3.5. Image-

3.6. Droid-2-Global smartphone is that it is fully compatible with two different cellular network technologies, GSM and CDMA.

3.7. Con-

4. Windows 7 Phone:

4.1. Operating System- HTC Surround, Samsung Focus and HTC HD7

4.2. Browsers-

4.3. Processor-

4.4. URL-

4.5. Image-

4.6. Pro-

4.7. Con-

5. Carriers:

5.1. AT&T- 3G, 4G

5.2. Sprint- 3G, 4G

5.3. TMoblie- 3G, 4G

5.4. Verizon- 3G, 4G