God Speaks Your Love Language

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God Speaks Your Love Language by Mind Map: God Speaks Your Love Language

1. Enhancing your Relationship with God by Speaking New Dialects

1.1. Words of Affirmation

1.1.1. Thanksgiving Enter the Lord's gates with thanksgiving. Psalm 100:1 Giving Thanks for... Things People He has brought into your life Nature Your Unique Design

1.1.2. Praise Enter the Lord's courts with praise. Psalm 100:4 Sepher Tehillim = Book of Praises Christian Song Lyrics Praise is a mark of the people of God and the whole of the Bible is punctuated with outbursts of praise. Nonbelievers are noted by their refusal to praise God. Verbal God is holy, just, all-powerful, merciful, and loving. He is our redeemer, He has made possible the love connection. We are God's children now and forever. Think creatively about places and ways to express praise to Him Examples Music Join others during corporate worship New node Case Study: Isaac Watts

1.1.3. Write a love letter to God a poem to God

1.2. Quality Time

1.2.1. Printed Resources

1.2.2. Walking with God (literally)

1.2.3. Regular Extended Time with God

1.2.4. have Quality conversations with Him

1.2.5. Have quality time in cool settings, like cathedrals or nature / lookouts / in the rain

1.2.6. As the deep pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for You, O God. My soul thirsts for God, for the living God. When can I go and meet with God?

1.3. Gifts

1.3.1. Money Case Study: +1% every year You know, in the Old Testament people gave a tenth of their income, but we who have been blessed with the gift of eternal life through Jesus and have the Holy Spirit who gives us power should really give more.

1.3.2. Meeting the Physical Needs of Others Staying attuned to the immediate needs of those around them. This is an expression of love to God that will not go unnoticed by the Father. Food, drink, clothing, and shelter.

1.3.3. Giving Encouragement Think of verses of Scripture that helped me turn my life around, write them out on cards and give the cards to people when I feel it is appropriate. Many people have told me how much the verses have meant to them. I also pray with people. Prayer is a great way to encourage others.

1.3.4. Consider doing all of them

1.4. Acts of Service

1.4.1. Cooking

1.4.2. Building

1.4.3. Ministry

1.4.4. Tech Stuff

1.4.5. Helping people Holding Open Doors

1.4.6. Serving others

1.5. Touch

1.5.1. Touching the Untouchables Be His agents for touching the untouchables We tend to underestimate the importance of touch.. especially to those who don't regularly receive it. Ministry in Institutional Settings Old Folks Homes Prisons Hospitals

1.5.2. HUGS! Hugging is a contact sport.

1.5.3. He helped Frances get her coat on, patted her on the back, and held her and as thehy walked to the car

2. Love Languages of Apology

2.1. Expressing Regret

2.1.1. I am sorry

2.2. Accepting Responsibility

2.2.1. I was wrong

2.3. Making Restitution

2.3.1. What can I do to make it right again?

2.4. Genuinely Repenting

2.4.1. I'll try not to do that again

2.5. Requesting Forgiveness

2.5.1. Will you please forgive me?

3. Father's Love Letter