There will be soft rains

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There will be soft rains by Mind Map: There will be soft rains

1. Questions

1.1. (1) the machines are human like with the way they talk and act, they also have animal characteristics for the mice as well

1.2. (2) They were the family that used to live there. its the family disintegrated when the nuclear blast went off.

1.3. (3) the atomic blast had killed everyone, disintegrating everyone in the radius.

1.4. (4) The house was protecting itself by going by the scheduled that were programmed in it. dishes were washed, house was clean etc..

1.5. (5) The dog is skinny and covered with sores for many reason. He hasn't been fed, and no one is cleaning him or giving him medical attention. The dog would also have been sick probably.

1.6. (6) The dogs remains are cleaned up and sent to the incinerator in the attic.

1.7. (7)The family celebrates and have a party as well in the back yard.

1.8. (8) The kids would play in their rooms before bath time. or they might go to sleep.

1.9. (9) the families last name was Mclellan

1.10. (10) The house tries to save itself with shutting windows, hosing down the water from the attic.

1.11. (11) The voices were saying Fire, fire. Also they were trying to get the owners out to leave, but no one left.

1.12. (12) Don't let automation control our lives. because many terrible consequences are certain. like the nuclear fallout, the burning down etc.

1.13. (13) Since no one is alive and since no one can tell the robots otherwise, they must continue on repeating the same thing over and over forever. the post apocalyptic future tells that everything will still be functional but no humans will be around to help them. The robots living on their own were destroyed as well.

2. Defenitions

2.1. is an image of a person, animal or object. usually one color.

2.1.1. silhouette

2.2. mental condition characterized by delusions

2.2.1. paranoia

2.3. unit of an army commanded by a colonel and many companies

2.3.1. regiment

2.4. an apparatus that burns waste

2.4.1. Incenerator

2.5. a tube that has an internal diameter of a hair like thickness

2.5.1. capillaries

2.6. not aware or concerned about what is happening

2.6.1. oblivious

2.7. beauty as to inspire great admiration or awe

2.7.1. sublime

2.8. a person suffering from a violent mental or social disorder

2.8.1. psychopathic

3. Plot Summary

3.1. The family that lived in that house had died from nuclear blast. The house is completely automated so it continues to work. we learn the schedules of the house and what it does to keep itself running. The house keeps itself protected as it tries to prevent the fire from destroying the house, but it does.

4. Quote

4.1. "the house was an altar with then thousand attendants,big,small,servicing,attending,in choirs. But the gods have gone away, and the ritual of the religion continued senselessly, uselessly."

4.1.1. The house was huge with many people or things living in it. The service size and the ones working had many jobs that kept the place functioning. But when the nukes went off the people "gods" had left the robots to continue working uselessly without purpose.