The Persona of Johnny

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The Persona of Johnny by Mind Map: The Persona of Johnny

1. Generous

1.1. i was always generous for as long as i could remember. i would always share my snacks with kids who didn't brought food to school to eat during lunch or break.

1.2. Generosity plays a huge role in who i am today. i never had to try and force myself to be generous, it just naturally came to me as if it was my duty to be generous to others.

1.3. Being generous has also given me great pleasure as a human being. i remember a few years ago, i was walking home from school and i noticed an old lady was struggling to put boxes in her car. i politely approached her, introduced myself, and asked her if she needed any help. After i finished helping her pack the boxes in her car, she reached for her purse and handed me some money. i smiled and told her to keep the money, She said thank you for your help and i continued to walk home.

2. Helpful

2.1. At a young age, my mother taught and encouraged me to help others despite what they did, who they are, or where they came from.

2.2. i try to be helpful towards everyone whenever the opportunity presents itself.

2.3. i have given some spare change to homeless people, donate some money to charity, and donate clothes that i don't wear to charity. i'm proud of this particular character trait of mine because it has given me the opportunity to give back to others and made me appreciate the things that i already have,

3. Open - minded

3.1. Being open - minded enables me to accept new ideas.

3.2. As i grew older, i learned that being open - minded allows you to accept new ideas and beliefs other than your own, which allowed me change my own perspective towards certain topics.

3.3. Being open - minded has given me the chance to improve myself and let myself grow as person.

4. Understanding

4.1. Being reserved also allowed me to become more understanding towards people because i can predict how the other person is feeling by observing their expression, body language, and behavior.

4.2. when i was in 5th grade, my mom would pack me lunch for school. it was always in a little brown bag and there would be a sandwich, an apple, a water bottle, and a juice box. i started to notice that every time i came back to class from recess, my juice box was gone. It made me furious because i loved drinking fruit punch and i was also looking forward to drinking it at lunch. After a week of missing juice boxes, i slowly paid attention as to who would want to steal my juice box. With the help of my teacher, we found the juice thief. He started crying when our teacher confronted him about it. Our teacher asked him why he kept taking my juice and he said that fruit punch was his favorite and that his mother doesn't allow him to drink it at home. After finding out the reason why he kept taking my juice box, i told him that he could have asked me instead of taking it. i eventually forgave him and sometimes would bring an extra one for him.

4.3. Being understanding not only towards others but to myself has helped me figure out my strengths, weaknesses, and value as a person. i have a better understanding as to what qualities and skills i have and how to use these skills.

5. Reserved

5.1. i'm reserved because i don't want anyone to judge me based on my actions and feelings towards a certain subject.

5.2. I slowly became reserved as i grew up because i was judged by others because of how i acted, what my ideas were, my opinions on certain topics, or how i chose to express myself,

5.3. Although recently i realized being reserved has it's advantages. i'm able to analyze situations, give myself time to critically think about certain topics, enabled me to become a good listener, and an observer.