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vServe24/7 is a remote IT infrastructure division of Nous Infosystems

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4. Special Features

4.1. "Data Center Management Services" vServe247 provides a comprehensive management of data centers... vServe's data center management services covers the entire spectrum of data center management that propels business efficiency... For more details, visit

4.2. "IT Infrastructure Consulting, IT Transformation Services" vServe247 provides IT infrastructure consulting services with the best practices in the industry... For more details, visit

4.3. "IT Helpdesk Support" vServe247 as the strategic remote infrastructure management arm of Nous Infosystems, provides IT helpdesk support services to suite customer needs... vServe247 is one among the leading managed IT support services provider... vServe247 supports you on multiple fronts and expand your IT services desk... For more details, visit

4.4. "Information Security Services" vServe247 is the strategic remote infrastructure management arm of Nous Infosystems, offers information security services such as application security assessment, vulnerability assessment and penetration testing to mitigate IT risks. For more details, visit -

4.5. "IT Workplace Services" vServe247 creates modern workspaces equipped with trending technologies to add value for the businesses by optimizing ROI on their investment in workplace transformation... vServe247 brings in technology that offers flexibility, while driving productivity of the organization... vServe247's IT workplace services includes "Desktop Engineering, Migration & Administration", "Desktop Virtualization Solutions", "Bring your own device (BYOD) & Enterprise Mobility Management" and "Directory services to Office 365(O 365)"... For more details, visit

4.6. "vServe24/7 Frameworks" vServe24/7 is the strategic remote infrastructure management division of Nous Infosystems, optimizes IT operations at reduced costs with its IT infrastructure framework - VISDM. VISDM provides an end-to-end IT infrastructure management solution that includes transition, data center operations and transformation of an IT portfolio... For more details about vServe24/7,

4.7. vServe247 is the strategic remote infrastructure management division of Nous Infosystems.., vServe247's approach to IT infrastructure management services provides the end users with impressive technology to increase daily productivity... vServe247's in-house developed IT infrastructure architecture framework VISDM, take care of customer's IT back-end to deliver smooth front-end IT experience... For more details, visit

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7. vServe24/7, a remote infrastructure arm of Nous Infosystems