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Meta Centre by Mind Map: Meta Centre

1. How does the agency address equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity?

1.1. The Meta Centre strives "to enhance, promote and sustain the social inclusion of every person by collectively creating a richer, more caring and supportive setting for people with special needs. [Their] ambition is to champion their rights and dignity."

1.2. Their mission is "to provide quality services and supports for the social inclusion of people with special needs."

1.3. "They embrace diversity and advocate the equitable, respectful treatment of all individuals in their community."

1.4. The Meta Centre "commits to being a leader for social inclusion of people with special needs. [They] embrace the transformation principle of citizenship, transparency and accountability in addressing the support requirements of people with special needs. Furthermore, [they] believe that people with special needs are entitled to opportunities for being self-determinant in matters pertaining to their health, finances and rights as citizens."

1.5. Core Values: "COMMITMENT - Our clients are our foremost priority COMPASSION - Our work is our calling INCLUSIVENESS - Society means all of us RESPECT & DIGNITY - Each person has worth PERSEVERANCE & ACCOUNTABILITY - We do what we say PROFESSIONALISM - Our clientele deserve the best available services and support""

2. What are the vision and goals of the agency?

2.1. Their vision entails "a sense of community where all people thrive, are valued, respected and lead dignified, productive lives."

2.2. The goal of the agency is to empower people with special needs with quality of life as a focus.

3. Tell me about the services/programs...

3.1. Meta Centre offers services/programs for people who face developmental, cognitive, behavioral and mental health challenges. These challenges include, for example, autism, compulsive disorders, anti-social behaviour, anger management, stress management, and physical disabilities. They also provide services to those with a dual diagnosis, such as developmental and mental health challenges, and those with multiple disabilities.

3.2. DAY SERVICES: Participants are empowered to choose a schedule of activities that focus on enhancing their quality of life. Integration activities assist individuals to become aware and use community resources such as grocery stores, libraries, personal shopping, and volunteer outlets such as Goodwill, Meals-on-Wheels or food banks. Recreation and leisure offers health, fitness and fun that includes nature walks, theatres, visiting historical sites, festivals, community centres, exhibits, museums, aquatic centres and participating in bocce, basketball, baseball, floor hockey and volleyball tournaments. Their day programs also offer internal and external volunteer options. They also provide holistic health therapies such as: chair massage; aromatherapy; Yoga; physiotherapy; reflexology; Reiki; sensory and Snoezelen therapies.

3.3. RESIDENTIAL SERVICES: Nutritional needs of the residents are addressed and meal preparation is based on the Canadian Food Guide while recognizing the cultural diversities of their residents.

3.4. SUPPORTED INDEPENDENT LIVING (SIL): They provide support to individuals living in near-independence in the community. This support takes the form of assistance with banking, shopping and daily living skills. Participants contact and meet with their staff on a regular basis, and individual progress is monitored. In addition, they provide outreach support to former SIL participants living independently in the community.

3.5. RESPITE SERVICES: Respite care is a support service that provides families temporary relief from the physical and emotional demands inherent in caring for a family member with special needs. It creates opportunities for the individual to participate in community activities while allowing caregivers time for themselves.

3.6. There are many activities in the Meta Centre in different rooms designed and equipped for their intended purposes such as: Audio Visual Room - dance, drama, choir, yoga, exercise, instrumental drumming, tae-kwon-doe.

3.7. There are annual presentations such as for: pedestrian safety skills, universal precautions, and food handling.

4. Other pertinent information

4.1. Meta Centre is a not-for-profit, charitable organization committed to providing services that affect social change for the benefit of people with special needs and society. They accept donations and hold fundraiser events.

4.2. Their clients are referred by central referral agencies, based on a needs-based priority list.

4.3. Their work force consists of people from diversified disciplines such as personal support, developmental services, human services, social work, behavioral therapy, healthcare, holistic therapy, human resources and financial management to list a few.

4.4. Their approach to developmental services is time tested.

5. Tell me about the Meta Centre...

5.1. The Meta Centre is a not-for-profit charitable institution with more than 30 years' experience in serving children and adults with special needs in the Greater Toronto Area. They have distinguished themselves as being a special place for special people.

5.2. Visit their website for further information:

6. Locations

6.1. Toronto 401 Champagne Drive Toronto, Ontario M3J 2C6 Tel: 416-736-0199 • Day Services • Respite Services • Administrative Offices

6.2. Vaughan 201 Millway Avenue, Unit 10 Vaughan, Ontario L4K 5K8 Tel: 905-660-0333 • Day Services • Respite Services

6.3. Richmond Hill 10 West Pearce Street, Unit 10 Richmond Hill, Ontario L4B 1B6 Tel: 905-771-6843 • Day Services • Respite Services

6.4. Scarborough 1345 Morningside Ave, Unit 10 Scarborough, ON Tel: 416-286-3634 • Day Services

6.5. Scarborough 211 Morrish Road Scarborough, ON Tel: 416-551-9009 • Day Services