Corporate Mindfulness

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Corporate Mindfulness by Mind Map: Corporate Mindfulness

1. Start

1.1. Research

1.1.1. Plan ? Find a good instructor Good chemistry Open and accesible Deep understanding of the practice As friend i.e. can communicate at eye level Choose a meditation program/ mindfulness techniques Training for leadership Techniques for all Address all 6 influences of Personal Ability Personal Motivation Social Ability Social Motivation Structural Ability Structural Motivation Share in community practice Ways to incorporate meditation into daily life Online and Apps Headspace - learn meditation

1.1.2. Mindful Leadership What is it ?

1.1.3. Tips to start meditation program at work +

1.2. Programs

1.2.1. Institute for Mindful Leadership

1.3. Mindful techniques

1.3.1. Meditation tips

2. Long meetings

2.1. Connection exercises

3. Difficult discussions

3.1. Take time aside, mindful exercises

4. Opportunity for training

4.1. COP

4.2. SoS

5. Eco system

5.1. Map with teams, groups

5.2. Increase understanding of information that needs to flow and relationships required to enable this floow