dimmesdale get out of the forest

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dimmesdale get out of the forest by Mind Map: dimmesdale get out of the forest

1. chillingworth

1.1. when dimmesdale is at home chilligworth knock at his door

1.1.1. he says he wants to help dimmesdale to not be sick dimmesdale refuse his help saying that he does not need it chillingworth intuited that hester talked with him

2. mistress hibbins

2.1. when she sees him she is enjoying his behavior

2.1.1. she wants him to sin with her "next time,I pray you to allow me only fair warning and I shall be proud to bear you company(217)

3. eldest women town

3.1. she wants a word of help

3.2. he cannot help her

3.2.1. "could not recall no text of scriptures nor aught else(214)

4. youngest sister

4.1. he feels he has a power and influence on her

4.1.1. "satana had surely led the poor young girl away from her mother's side,and town her into the pathway of this sorely tempted or this last and desperate man"

4.1.2. he feels victory

4.2. purest

5. deacon

5.1. paternal attention before given by dimmesdale to him

5.2. he respect dimmesdale because older

5.3. during the meeting for Dimmesdale was really difficult to keep his not pure thinking in his own mind

5.3.1. "it was only by the most careful self-control that the former could not refrain from uttering certain blasphemous suggestions"(213)

5.3.2. he cannot keep his thinking,he cannot hide his feeling anymore