My Future

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My Future by Mind Map: My Future

1. Job

1.1. Doctor

1.1.1. Surgeon Cardio operation on people's heart Giving transplant

1.1.2. I want save people who have diabetes and cancer

1.2. Teacher

1.2.1. Malay Teacher teaching is so cool and great

1.3. Police

1.3.1. Detective so that i can caught people like Mas Selamat

1.4. Astronaut

1.4.1. i want to be like Neil Armstrong

2. School

2.1. University

2.1.1. National University of Singapore Medicine

2.1.2. Nanyang Technological University

2.2. College

2.2.1. Raffles Junior College Pure Chemistry Economics

2.2.2. Temasek Junior College same thing

2.2.3. Tampines Junior College same thing

3. Husband

3.1. Handsome

3.2. Hot

3.3. Intelligent

3.4. Same career as me

3.5. Have a lot of abs

3.6. Nice Hairstyle

3.7. Hollywood star like Leornado Dicaprio(when he is young)