Aplicação JuniorStudent

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Aplicação JuniorStudent by Mind Map: Aplicação JuniorStudent

1. Fortunately or unfortunately almost all children in developed countries had electronic equipment where you can install applications, why not use these equipment we install an application that will help our children.

2. Mobile application to manage the time of children on social networks.

2.1. Nowadays children use mobile devices almost entirely to access social networking

3. Installed on the mobile device before being delivered to the child

3.1. MENU

3.1.1. DAILY TIME Here you can set the number of minutes that children can navigate the social networks.

3.1.2. BOOKS Place where you can choose the themes of the books that children can read

3.1.3. Newspapers Place where you can choose articles and newspapers to read in full

3.1.4. Social Networks You can choose which networks can be used

3.1.5. ENIGMAS You can enable notifications for that during the school year can appear problems for children to solve (eg puzzles, mathematical, puzzle problems, etc ...)

3.1.6. Configurations Caregivers may change settings in the parental control and any changes in terms of ringtones, notifications display

3.2. Once installed you need a PIN to change settings

4. Pedagogical tool

4.1. Contribution at the level of cultural enrichment

4.1.1. Reading books and newspapers, the area of interest previously selected by the user

4.2. Creation of the concept of time

4.2.1. Time management, since they can not access obtempero they want but what was previously defined

4.3. Intellectual development

4.3.1. Solving problems in viewing some situations on the everyday

4.4. New node

5. Advantages

5.1. Limiting time spent online

5.2. Limited access to social networks

5.3. Decreased cognitive impairment

5.4. Encouraging the reading

5.5. Encourage problem solving

5.6. Parental Control

6. Discipline of Information and Communication Technologies ICT

6.1. The teacher can send works to do on the mobile device, outside of teaching hours (homework)

6.1.1. Works such that if they are correct would give users some time to browse social networks, this time given by the teacher depending on the difficulty of the work

6.2. New node

7. When children read a chapter from a particular book or a newspaper and solve a puzzle or gain time to use social networks