Solving McDonald's Issues

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Solving McDonald's Issues by Mind Map: Solving McDonald's Issues

1. Identify and clarify the problem

1.1. Their is a clear problem with the customers and franchisees getting angry about the line situation. Customers don't understand where they need to stand in line to order food, and this is causing frustration.

2. Gather information

2.1. McDonald's could get their employees inputs about the line situation. They need to look for possible solutions to this problem. they could make a suggestion box at the McDonald's for the customers to give their input about the line situation as well. Banks and airlines typically handle line situations with single lines, but multiple employees till help them out. This could be a possible solution to their problem.

3. Evaluate the evidence

3.1. The results showed that the multiple line is not helping customers frustration, and something needs to be done. The best alternative would to do a single line that forms a zigzag back and forth so the line will be able to fit a good amount of people, but also allow people to understand the line. Also they can hire more employees to work the cashier to help the flow of customers coming in. The pro is that the customers will not get angry because they will understand the line formation. Also hiring more cashiers will help speed up the process. The con is the fact they would have to hire more employees to speed up the customer flow process. The con is sort of a pro tho because this creates more jobs for people.

3.2. Another alternative would be to have the same line situation with multiple lines, but have an employee to guide people where they need to go. The employee would help guide people to the correct line so their is no confusion. The employee could also hand out free samples in case the line is very long and people are getting angry. The employee would be able to also apologize to the customers for the long inconvenience, and this could help ease frustration. The pro is that it would not cost must to have employee do this job because it only takes 1 person. The con is that the customers do not want multiple lines, and want to be able to stand in line and not have to worry.

4. Choose the best alternative and test it.

4.1. The best alternative would be to do a zigzag line, and hire additional employees to handle more cash registers. The zigzag line allows for more customers to be in line, and more cashiers will help speed up the process of the flow of customers. A zigzag roped off line will help the customers understand the line pattern, and not get confused. hiring more employees to work the cash registers will help speed up the process.