Instructional Certificate Master Program

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Instructional Certificate Master Program by Mind Map: Instructional Certificate Master Program

1. Program Core

1.1. Applied Principles of Adult Learning and Development

1.2. Applied Principles of Visual and Textual Communication for Adult Educators

1.3. Fundamentals of Instructional Systems Technology for Educators

2. Certificate Programs

2.1. Certificate in Instructional Design

2.1.1. Principles of Instructional Design Theory

2.1.2. Deliverables Content Design Principles

2.1.3. Project Management Using LLAMA for Instructional Designers

2.2. Certificate in Multimedia Instructional Development

2.2.1. Office and Creative Development Tools

2.2.2. Instructional Development Using Captivate and Camtasia

2.2.3. Developing in the Learning Management System

2.2.4. Mobile Learning Development Principles

2.2.5. SCORM and xAPI

2.3. Certificate in Learning Systems

2.3.1. Survey of Learning Content and Social Media Systems

2.3.2. System Administration Using the LMS

2.3.3. SCORM for Learning System Administrators

2.3.4. Performance Measurement and Reporting

2.4. Certificate in Class Facilitation

2.4.1. Developing for Live Classroom

2.4.2. Foundation in Class Facilitation and Administration

2.4.3. Online Asynchronous and Synchronous Facilitation Principles and Technologies

3. Instructional Certificate Elective Courses

3.1. Captivate

3.1.1. Captivate I

3.1.2. Captivate II

3.1.3. Captivate III

3.2. Articulate Storyline 2

3.2.1. Articulate Storyline 2 - I

3.2.2. Articulate Storyline 2 - II

3.2.3. Articulate Storyline 2 - III

3.3. Camtasia

3.3.1. Camtasia I

3.3.2. Camtasia II

4. Program Core is required for all certificate programs.