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Jersey Shore by Mind Map: Jersey Shore

1. Sex

1.1. amelio says "how many balls do you want" snookie replies "2 balls in my face"--snookie regulary refers to food in sexual terms (pickles, meatballs etc)

1.2. Pauly D- "i was hooking up with angelina one night and then next night i was like angelina who?"

1.3. the blackboard by the house phone they have a list of who everyone's hooked up with in the house

1.3.1. It was casual and humorous to them that according to this blackboard and the amount of sexual relations that have occurred between them, in an indirect way they have all "hooked up" (CW)

1.4. jwow in the introduction- "after i have sex with a guy i'll rip their heads off"

1.5. have a "smush" room where anyone is free to have sex in

1.5.1. New node

1.6. jersey shore "high five" which is 5 different situations that happen on the show-almost all of them have sex and hookups included somewhere in them

1.7. when the boys talk about going out-all they talk about is coming home with a hot girl to "smush" (have sex) with

1.8. snookie said "Vinny's like my brother, i love him. But you usually don't have sex with your brother." They have sex with and hook up with anyone, even the people they are the closest to.

1.9. "these girls know the deal, the only reason we grabbed them is because they are DTF." -Pauly D

1.9.1. They also bring girls just so they are not alone for the night. (Andrew)

1.10. Situation was being extremely rude to a girl he brought home that wouldn't have sex wtih him and kicked her out of the house because she doesn't "hook up."

1.11. JWoww supports the stereotypical jacked man to be attractive (A.D.) - "Tall, completely jacked, steroids, like multiple growth hormones. That's, like, the type that I'm attracted to."

1.12. (A.D.) Vinny and his sex life "If I'm there for 60 days and I keep hittin' it… Sixty different girls, if there's ever a night I can't get one, I'll just double-up the next night."

1.13. (A.D.) The Situation on his life's work: "I'm hooking up with this girl, your girl's girl, and your girlfriend's girlfriend's girlfriend. Somebody's gotta do it."

1.14. A neat program that teaches about STD's and safe sex, but pushes for teenagers to wait to have sex (A.D.) -

1.14.1. “According to, studies show that as many as 96% of American teenagers say that they have been emotionally and/or psychologically abused by a dating partner.” This show just perpetrates the idea that teen dating violence is acceptable because the women do not stand up for themselves when they may be victimized For my lesson plan, i want to go in a different direction with sex education and promote abstinence. An application to prevent teen pregnancy (A.D.)

1.15. Sammi's thoughts on when to have sex (A.D.)- "Yes, I had sex. Like hello, you're gonna have sex if you're into somebody. It's natural."

1.16. High School Teens Sexual Activity (LO)

2. substance abuse

2.1. Snooki says she may cheat on bf if under the influence of alcohol.

2.1.1. "snuggles" in bed with Vinny (Meghan Mason)

2.2. More susceptible to having sex after drinking. (Meghan Mason)

2.2.1. "The Situation" uses "dtf" a lot.

2.2.2. "smushing" Affects on teens: Increases sexual activity (LO) Media and Influence on Teen Sexual Activity. Shows like "Teen Mom" and "16 and Pregnant" almost glorify teen pregnancy and allow teens to be more comfortable with the idea of sexual activity. It makes teens believe that sexual activity is "cool" and "acceptable" in society today. (LO),doings-healthbeat-102810-s1.article

2.2.3. Pauly and the Situation bringing home 2 girls at the end of the night, solely to have sex.

2.3. More likely to fight with each other or other people when drinking. (Meghan Mason)

2.3.1. Angelina picks a fight with Pauly D. and The Situation when she is drunk. The fight is for no specific reason.

2.3.2. Snooki and the Situation get in a fight with someone at, "Space" and have to leave the club early.

2.3.3. Before the second season of Jersey Shore aired the wrote how “the second season of Jersey Shore will not be as good as season one”. They claim that “not only is the show moving away from its namesake and relocating to South Beach Miami, but that now the case is being banned from drinking”. Although after watching the second season of Jersey Shore this Fall the “no booze rule” was clearly false, the fact that individuals were saying that the show was not going to be as good because there the cast was prohibited from alcohol shows how much the public watches this show for their frequent substance abuse and the decisions they make under the influence. “We’re not sure the NTV bosses realize that the whole reason we watch Jersey Shore is to see them get drunk, fist pump, and then hopefully get into multiple fist fights”. (PC)

2.4. Injuries are more likely to be acquired after drinking (Meghan Mason)

2.4.1. Snooki got hit in the face while out drinking.

2.5. No consideration for other people.

2.5.1. Talking about women as "grenades" How will this affect their parenting habits and how they teach their children about the treatment of men and women? Is this something that can change with the next generation or is it more likely to be perpetuated? Why? How can we change this cycle? How did this cycle begin? (AO)

2.5.2. Ron and Sammi's situation. Ron mistreating Sammi when he drinks. “According to, studies show that as many as 96% of American teenagers say that they have been emotionally and/or psychologically abused by a dating partner.” This show just perpetrates the idea that teen dating violence is acceptable because the women do not stand up for themselves when they may be victimized AP "In addition, significant numbers of teens (15-18) are experiencing emotional and mental abuse as well as violence when dating; it's even more prevalent among teens who've had sex by 14." Jersey Shore also promotes sex so this is even worse for young viewers AP Approximately one in five adolescents reports being a victim of emotional abuse. AP Artists who have experienced dating violence AP Art done about dating violence AP A window Between Worlds is an organization whose goal is to help victims of domestic violence heal by doing art (AP) There was an exhibit of post cards made by people in the organization. They incorporated art and words in many different ways. AP There was an art exhibit that highlighted teen dating violence. There was art, theater, and musical performances. Information was also passed out about teen dating violence. AP Many victims of dating violence find it easier to express themselves through art than through words. AP

2.6. getting into trouble with the law (H.P)

2.6.1. (H.P) Drug Awareness in Comic Format (LO)

2.6.2. Snooki gets arrested after coming out of a bar intoxicated. (Andrew) Being intoxicated caused Snooki to dance, cry, and cause a huge scene which drew attention from the cops. (Andrew)

2.7. LP+ MK- Substance Abuse- Parents

2.7.1. LP and MK Advertising a Drug Free Enviroment in the schools MK +LP Harms of Smoking MK + LP Harms of drinking

2.7.2. Drug Awareness- Comic Lesson- LP- Tell children to take ideas from Dare instruction and cop demonstration- LP

2.8. (H.P.)

2.8.1. This website has a rebuttal against the D.A.R.E. Program and how it is not effective: (H.P)

2.8.2. This is a website that goes against the D.A.R.E. Program and even states that it is a waste of money: (H.P)

2.8.3. This website suggests a "Just Say No" approach to the D.A.R.E. program. There is even mention of a study conducted at the University of Illinois in the article.,8599,99564,00.html (H.P)

2.9. The Jersey Shore continually promotes the use of alcohol. Since the arrival of Jersey Shore into our entertainment outlet, viewers have taken it upon themselves to incorporate alcohol when viewing the show. The Jersey Shore Drinking Game (Season 1 and 2) is a game that is frequently played by college viewers. The rules of the game include taking a “drink” when a cast member does or wears specific things. For example, players are supposed to drink when someone uses the word ‘guido’ or ‘guidette’, when I guy has no shirt on, when someone is wearing Ed Hardy, or when Mike refers to himself as ‘The Situation’. Attached is a list of rules to follow when playing this game. (PC)

2.9.1. Since the target viewer of Jersey Shore is about ages 16-25 the abuse of alcohol in the show allows for the promotion of it to these age groups. Although many people many not think of individuals from the Jersey Shore as “role models” many young children may think that they are ‘cool’ and will therefore engage in action similar to them. According to “teen alcohol statistics show that nearly 30% of teens have experimented with or continue to drink alcohol”. If teens continue to watch these shows the substance abuse rate could continue to rise, leading to future issues and problems. (PC) Above the influence ads. Every time we watch television, we are bound to come across an ‘Above the Influence’ ads. The Above the Influence ads are the nations most visible drug prevention campaign. This campaign has shown great progress. After surveying 100 teens each week to assess how the ads are performing, researchers have found that ‘Above the Influence” has had a significantly positive impact on anti-drug beliefs and intentions. Tracking has shows that “teens who are more aware of the Above the Influence advertising are more likely to hold stronger anti-drug beliefs compared to those who are unaware of the Media Campaign’s advertising” (ONDCP). It is important to expose adolescences and teens to these campaigns for them to make good life decisions and be “above the influence” of drugs and alcohol. (PC) POSSIBLE LESSON IDEA? I know these ads too, and ones like them that talk about the "anti-drug". Do you think it would be possible to make a lesson that would ask students to create posters or even short video projects about their anti-drugs or being "above the influence"? would be good for 6-8th grade mostly i think (BRAD) they even have merchandise like t-shirts and hats - interesting to see how anti-drug programs are attempting to "brand" themselves as cool by appealing to what they perceive youths as being drawn to (BRAD)

2.10. This article talks about the increase in substance abuse in college settings : (H.P)

2.11. This statistic sheet shows the substance abuse issues dealing with 8th graders: (H.P)

2.12. "Drug Free Week" in schools (instead of Dare) (Kelsey)

2.12.1. Students participate in the decoration of the doors of each classroom in order to promote "drug free" ideas in specific classrooms. (Kelsey)

2.12.2. Does one week of focus on it really help? Doesn't emphasize importance of the issue if the idea is only discussed for one week in schools. (Kelsey)

2.12.3. Students wear Red Ribbons each day during the week to show that they support being Drug Free (CW)

2.13. DARE in Elementary Schools (CW)

2.13.1. Lessons by police officer(s) on the importance of being drug free (CW) The police officers undergo at least 80 hours of training in child development and in drug information/DARE teaching strategies. (CW)

2.13.2. DARE essay contest in 5th grade classrooms (CW)

2.13.3. The official DARE website: (CW)

2.13.4. New node

2.13.5. This article states that the DARE program in ineffective in schools: (CW) LESSON PLAN IDEA: Have students create their own anti-drug strategy/technique/program using images and information to help teach other students of the dangers of drug abuse. (CW)

2.14. When Sammi and Ronnie didn't go out much in the last season they got made fun of and called lame. (KB)

2.15. A quote by the Situation that shows his lack of care for substance abuse (A.D.) - "I went to the doctor he told me you gotta stop drinking, stop doing drugs & stop havin' sex, ya know what I did? I switched f*ckin' doctors!"

3. Body Image

3.1. Guys

3.1.1. Muscular/Lift Guidos Is Michelangelo's "David" the original Guido juicehead? How is the heroic and idealized male figure presented here different from the heroes presented through popular media today? Why is David represented this way? Guidos & muscular build vs. Heroes & muscular build depicted in comics/cartoons? (CW)

3.1.2. Hair Crusty/Hair Gel spikey (MH) Hair Spray Short Eye Brows Trimmed

3.1.3. Clothing Beaters Goes back to the issue of different stereotypes in Jersey Shore - tight tank tops are usually worn by girls to show off their body - but in Jersey Shore, the boys are just as picky, if not more picky about their looks - ties in with them also wearing tight clothes typically worn by girls (CW) T-Shirts w/ lots of design When They go out they always wear a t-shirt Earrings - Diamond Studs

3.1.4. Even the guys are tan Snooki tells the delivery guy on Cake Boss that he needs to tan and that then he'd be perfect. (Kelsey)

3.1.5. Tattoos Usually on their arms

3.1.6. Colonge They shower themselves in it

3.2. Girls

3.2.1. Tanning Snooki sprays herself to get tanned instead of the traditional tanning salon. (Andrew)

3.2.2. Hair Straight Hair Dark Long

3.2.3. Makeup Heavy Makeup A lot of bronzer (PC)

3.2.4. Clothing Hooped earrings Short Jean Shorts

3.2.5. Nails Get their nails done at salons Very long

3.2.6. Big Sunglasses

3.2.7. Body Size- LP Anorexia- LP What are the characteristics of anorexic people- LP Obesity- LP LP Healthy Life style- LP

3.3. This talks about body image and Halloween costumes (Meghan Mason)

3.3.1. Proposal regarding how to help relieve body image issues in school (AO)

3.4. Snooki's Body Image

3.4.1. Suffered from anorexia and bulimia. She is 4 foot 9 and went down to 80 pounds F.S.

3.5. What is the perfect body image?- LP

3.5.1. Explain why you drew the "perfect body" the way you did Lesson Plan- sculpt in groups a person who you think is perfect- LP

4. Double Standards

4.1. Girls

4.1.1. Perceived as "whores" or "sluts" when they hook up with guys Angelina is called a whore by The situation for hooking up with Jose and Vinny

4.1.2. Girls in the house calls each other whores, Snooki called Angelina a "Loosy Goosy" for hooking up with Vinny after she does

4.1.3. JWOWW and Snooki make the "Hookup board"

4.1.4. When Angelina "cheats" on Jose, the guys are quick to tell him but when Ronnie continually cheats on Sammi no one feels the need to spill the beans to her. (KB) This article discusses the double standard between ronnie and angelina. (KB)

4.1.5. (A.D.) - Snooki says "Angelina has sex with Vinny & doesn’t have sex with the nice guy? That makes no sense & that makes you look like a fuckin’ whore."

4.2. Guys

4.2.1. Guys bring home multiple girls from the clubs to hook up with Vinny, Pauly D, and The situation all hooked up with Angelina Refer to Angelina as the Staten Island Dump and the Staten Island Ferry because everyone rides for free

4.2.2. The Situation is the "leader" of the group, tries to round everybody up at the club to go home, Snooki doesn't want to and The Situation slaps her in the face

4.2.3. "Grenades", "Landmines"

4.2.4. DTF

4.2.5. Ronnie hooking up with other girls and going home to Sammie Claims as long as he comes home to Sammi it's ok, but lies to her anyway

4.2.6. The Situations entertains the idea of hooking up with Sammi because she is single

4.2.7. Pauly D doesn't want to be bored so he brings home two girls, one for The Situation

4.2.8. Vinny and Pauly D "dating" two girls, but hook up with other girls

4.2.9. Thinks it's disrespectful if girls don't want to hook up but come over to the house

4.2.10. Men are praised for hooking up with tons of women and being "players" Men advocate violence in order to meet sexual desires and to show dominance over others The Situation: I'm leader of the group. I say what goes, and if I say we're leaving, we're leaving. ART MAKING IDEA for Lesson Plan: Have one student trace the outline of another student's profile on a sheet of paper. Then have each student clip out pictures etc from magazines that they feel represent themselves and how they view themselves. Use these pictures to fill in their profile outline in a collage. (CW) objectifying women "grenades", "landmines", animal terms used to describe women (hippo, elephant) “I’m like, chill out, Freckles McGee.” – The Situation, on a girl who wants to go home instead of hooking up Angelina: I hate that guys can [smash lots of people], but girls can't.

4.2.11. "It's not sad that there is a double standard. Everybody knows there's a double standard. Everybody loves a guy that gets girls. He's the man. He's the pimp. And then everybody doesn't like a girl that is a ho. And that's Angelina." - The Situation Read more:

4.2.12. The Situation on being attractive (A.D.): "Everybody loves me, babies, dogs, ya know, hot girls, cougars. I just have unbelievable mass appeal."

4.2.13. (A.D.) Pushing for men's sexual lives even comes from older men in the Jersey Shore's boys lives. Vinny on dating standards: "My uncles want me to just come here and bang everything."

4.2.14. (A.D.) - When Angelina has sex, she is a slut according to the situation - "Angelina has proven the HO equation!"

4.2.15. Once again Vinny's uncle is mentioned in his low thoughts of women (A.D.) - "JWOWW invites my Uncle Nino…My Uncle Nino doesn’t really have the highest standards in the world, so these girls are lookin’ like supermodels to him right now."


4.4. (This website gives examples and videos of the double standards present in Jersey Shore) KB

4.5. Vinny and his sex life "If I'm there for 60 days and I keep hittin' it… Sixty different girls, if there's ever a night I can't get one, I'll just double-up the next night."

4.6. According to, studies show that as many as 96% of American teenagers say that they have been emotionally and/or psychologically abused by a dating partner. Jersey Shore may help to perpetrate this idea. Viewers may think it's ok. (AP)

4.7. Voyeurism

4.7.1. How does Jersey Shore relate to the concept of 24-hour surveillance? How much our own lives captured on film or documented? (BRAD) How does this 24 hour surveillance relate to the violations of the first amendment since September 11th? Some may see it as encroaching on one's freedom. (MB) As a society we are moving towards being under surveillance 24-hours voluntarily through webisites such as facebook where people can post updates of their lives and share it with the world. (MK) Activity idea: Count how many times you notice yourself being recorded or photographed throughout the day through surveillance cameras - is it more or less than you imagined? (BRAD)

4.7.2. DOCUMENTARY - "We Live in Public" (BRAD)

4.7.3. Activity idea: make a collage using facebook photos that you are tagged in and compare that to another collage that you make about facebook photos that you post as your default pictures. (AO) How do you think these pictures compare/contrast? What message are you sending to the audience that you like and dislike about yourself? What messages are your friends portraying with the pictures they post or are tagged in on facebook? (AO) Activity: conduct a debate on the pros and cons of a social networking sites. Have students read an article regarding this topic to get better statistics and information. Also, encourage kids to use their own personal knowledge. (AO) -It invades people’s privacy. Putting cameras in places like bedrooms and bathrooms should be unlawful, even when you’re doing things like reality shows. It’s understandable that as a producer, you have to capture every moment of a reality show because something interesting may happen. But people’s privacy becomes invaded once you put cameras everywhere in their everyday lives. (Ijeoma Arachie) -People act differently when cameras are on them. They may do things that they wouldn’t do if the cameras weren’t on them. For example, people may decide to act more crazy and reckless than they usually do because they feel like they can get attention if cameras are put on them. It may go the other way as well. People may behave themselves if cameras are watching because they fear they will get in trouble by parents or by the law if the camera catches their bad deeds. (Ijeoma Arachie)

5. Gender

5.1. Female vs. Male Roles

5.1.1. Women are only meant to please men sexually THE GAZE - There is a concept in the arts that addresses how we look at people and subjects known as "the gaze", which often relates to the depiction of women in imagery, but today refers to broader ideas. Do some research on this idea and find key examples of how "the gaze" has functioned in different times and social contexts. "The Gaze" can deal with how men look at women, how women look at themselves, and how women look at other women as portrayed in fine art. (LO)

5.1.2. How gender issues are portrayed in children's literature (K.Kim) "What if sleeping beauty was a guy?" (K.Kim)

5.1.3. Disney's representations of men and women (Kelsey) Women are constantly the "damsels in distress" that need to be saved by the male (Kelsey) In Disney's Cinderella, Cinderella sits around waiting for Prince Charming to come to her. She doesn't try and run away or stand up for herself. She simply awaits his arrival. (KB) Snow White, for example, puts the men (the dwarves) hard at work while the woman is at home cooking and cleaning and taking care of the house. At the end, Snow White is tricked by an evil sorceress (FEMALE) and has to be saved by the prince, who "loves" her for her beauty and passivity. (Kelsey)

5.2. Gender Reversals

5.2.1. Men are clean and well dressed (always looking in the mirror) "You have to stay fresh to death.” – Pauly D, on his tan/exercise/hair regimen Men are cooking in the episode New node

5.2.2. Girls get in physical fights(SW) Boys are calm and break up the fights that girls start. boys act as the mediator in both physical/verbal fights (SW) In the fight shown in this picture, the guys stand around and cheer the girls on. They eventually help break it up, but not before getting some entertainment out of it. (KB) Cindy Sherman questioned/challenged the representation of women in society , media, and art. (K.Kim)

5.2.3. Role Reversal in fine art: painting male nudity since women are usually painted nude (A.D.)

5.2.4. CHILDRENS BOOKS - here are some books aimed at children that attempt to break the conventional stereotypes of gender (BRAD) "Oliver Button is a Sissy" by Tomie DePaola (BRAD) "William's Doll" by Charlotte Zolotow (K.Kim) Here is an entire article of some great children's books that break commonly held stereotypes: (KB) One of my favorite books that breaks a stereotype is Little Granny Quarterback by Bill Martin Jr. (KB)

6. Relationships

6.1. Sammi

6.1.1. Stays with Ron even after she finds out he's not monogomous (AO)

6.1.2. More important to have a boyfriend that does not really love you than to not have a boyfriend at all (AO)

6.1.3. Sammi puts Ron before everyone else, including all of her friends. She does not care who she steps on in the process as long as her and Ron are together in the end. (KB)

6.2. Ron

6.2.1. Goes into bed with sammi at night and smooshes, after being out with other girls and motorboating them at the club. he also lies about it until he is approached with a note

6.2.2. Does NOT find it wrong or cheating to kiss other girls and then to kiss his girlfriend (AO)

6.2.3. In the first season, Ron makes Sammi feel guilty about her supposed "hook up" with The Situation but proceeds to cheat on her numerous times during the beginning of the second season. (KB)

6.3. J Woww

6.3.1. Maintained a monogomous relationship with her boyfriend at home. Kept a guys number even though her boyfriend asked her not to

6.3.2. Cheated on her boyfriend the first Jersey Shore season and felt terrible about it. As a result, she did not cheat on that boyfriend during the second season of the Shore (AO)

6.4. Snooki

6.4.1. Hooked up with Vinny and has a mild crush on him. Accuses Angelina of loving her sloppy seconds. Cheated on her boyfriend with Vinny but was angry with her boyfriend for cheating on her

6.4.2. Is so concerned and stressed by the fact that she cannot get a boy to kiss her or have sex with her (AO)

6.4.3. Has a crush on Vinny and admits that during the show and on the after show. However, even though both of them realize that they may have a potential relationship, they are too young and want to have "fun" for a little bit longer (AO)

6.4.4. (A.D.) Snookie on lady-luv: "Guys are douchebags and I hate them all. They don't know how to deal with women and I feel that's why the lesbian rate is going up in this country."

6.5. Angelina

6.5.1. Jose buys her all sorts of stuff, but she continues to hook up with other people. she leads him on making it seem like they are in a relationship but still tells other people she is a "single girl"

6.5.2. Jose treats her so well but she won't have an intimate relationship with him, yet she will have intimate/sexual relationships with other random men (SW)

6.6. Pauly D

6.6.1. Rosalina - girl he would take home to mom. Still goes out at night and brings other girls home and performs sexual acts.

6.6.2. Pauly D is all about hooking up with random girls and having a one night stand but when it comes to Rosalina he says that he wants this one to last so he does not hook up with her on the first night. (KB)

6.7. Vinny

6.7.1. Gets played by Romona but keeps going back to her. Vinny actually introduced Romona to his parents after the shows ended. (Andrew)

6.7.2. AO

6.8. Situation

6.8.1. Tries to steal everyone else's girls, especially Vinny's. If he's not bringing home anyone he wants everyone else to go home with no girls. If another guy's girl is DTF and his isn't he won't take one for the team.

6.9. Related Articles (KB) (AO)

6.9.1. -This article talks about the absolutely ridiculous "mating rituals" of Jersey Shore (KB) New node


6.9.3. The article above describes the sexual aspect of relationships in casual relationships and committed relationships (AO)

6.10. Related Videos (AO)

6.10.1. Describes support systems in a relationships and quality of life (AO).

6.11. LESSON PLAN iDEA: Ask the students to map out the different relationships that they have. They can mention family relationships, friendships, relationships with teachers, etc. After they make a map of their relationships, they should talk about the way that they act in these different relationships that they have. In other words, explain how they act differently with their teachers than they do with their friends. This can lead to a discussion about how students have to act differently depending on the different relationships that they are engaged in. (Kelsey)

6.11.1. ART MAKING ACTIVITY: Students will make a "alter ego" or "secret identity" in order to explore a certain aspect of their identity. Hannah Montana is a good example of this for the students because they can relate to the fact that she is one person at school and has a "secret identity" as Hannah Montana outside of that. Students will create this secret identity and then explain to the class when they would use it and what the characteristics of that identity would be. (Kelsey) Discussion of Cindy Sherman's art in that she poses as many different people and takes on these different "identities" as a model instead of just creating them with drawings. Each character has its own personality and characteristics and reasons for having these things. (Kelsey)

6.12. Although shows like Jersey Shore promote sex, still education for safe sex. (A.D.)

6.13. Although Snooki does not embody morals, she does show some want for a monogamist relationship (A.D.) - "My ultimate dream is to move to Jersey, find a nice, juiced, hot, tan guy and live my life."

7. Youth

7.1. There is a movement that is promoting more children being involved with art. Youth in the Arts is an organization that promotes children making art. In June 2010 there was an Italian Street painting activity. Here is a link to the website with pictures of the Street Painting Event- AP


7.2. many highschool and college kids are having jersey shore themed parties and dressing up as the various characters and drinking/doing drugs at the parties and being "in chacters" (SW)

7.2.1. promotes stereotypes. The kids going to these parties dress in certain ways that stereotypes the boys and girls on the show/guidos or italians in general (SW)

7.2.2. even very young children find it entertaining and cool to dress up as the popular jersey shore characters (SW) This video was extremely popular on youtube for awhile and got many comments on its controversial nature. In this video young kids act out scenes from Jersey Shore. It's even titled Jersey Shore Kids. The little girls talk about looking for juiceheads at the club. (KB) Students in the fourth grade classroom that I volunteer for have come in talking about "this week's jersey shore" multiple times. In fact, the teacher tells them to stop talking about it. One day during recess one of the students came up and recapped me on all of the week's events. Apparently their parents find it ok to let them watch it. (KB)

7.2.3. On Halloween, there were countless people dressed up as "The Situation" and Snooki. Costume stores even sold jersey shore costumes. (KB)

8. Advertising

8.1. Wearing specific brands that could be considered advertising (CW)

8.2. Advertising a specific type of nightlife, clubs, etc. (CW)

8.2.1. advertising South Beach (Miami) in general, the shops, restaurants, beach, clubs and everything the town has to offer (SW)

8.3. Advertising the activities they do to get ready for their day (CW)

8.3.1. Going to the tanning salon (CW) Snooki now advertising going spray tanning to save her skin from UV rays - a type of advertising in itself (CW) Whereas using indoor tanning beds used to be something they promoted (whether intentional or not), now they are almost negatively advertising UV tanning, while positively advertising spray tanning or sunless tanning (CW) Snooki goes to Carlo's Bakery and tells the delivery guy that he needs to tan more because that would make him more attractive (Kelsey)

8.3.2. Going to the gym (CW)

8.3.3. alcohol (SW)

8.3.4. Doing laundry (CW)

8.4. Going to the gym (SW)

8.4.1. How has the phenomenon of GTL regarding the gym truly affected people's wanting and needing to go the gym? If it has caused an increase is this increase for positive reasons or negative reasons? Does it really matter so long as people are working out? (AO)

8.5. Advertising against alcohol- LP

8.5.1. Ads - LP

8.6. People can use art to make eye catching ads! This site shows art that are used as ads and some, which could be used as an ad, but isn't. (Andrew)

8.7. Advertises the show by going onto the show Cake Boss--advertising to a different audience. (Kelsey)

8.8. GTL - GTL is a common term now for daily activities around our campus. (KB)

8.9. Could be advertising the places they are stationed at for the television show, making a specific message about these places, promoting certain behaviors and night life in these areas (CW)

8.9.1. The location of "Jersey Shore" has become a tourist sight to see - people want to see where the show was filmed, bringing travel and advertising to this location (CW) (Not only "Jersey Shore" anymore because they travel in season 2 (Kelsey) Activity: Describe how the addition of television advertisements has affected tourism to different parts of the world? What other advertising strategies are prevalent in our society other than television, movies, and the internet? What is the most influential? Is this different for different age groups? (AO) (AO)

8.10. the Gelato shop where the cast works (SW)

9. Friendship

9.1. girls betray eachother- Snookie and Jwow don't admit to writing the letter to Sami about Ronnie cheating (SW)

9.1.1. Angelina also pretended to be Sammi's friend when it was her idea to have Snookie and Jwow write the letter. (K.Kim)

9.1.2. Snookie and Jwow are considered bad friends by Sami for trying to tell her the truth about her cheating boyfriend (SW)

9.2. boys don't have problems with each other and are each other's "wingman" to help them hook up with girls (SW)

9.2.1. When boys do have issues with each other, usually based around one guy ruining another guy's chance at hooking up (CW) Situation and Pauly - Situation kept on ruining for Pauly because he didn't like the girls that he ended up with. (K.Kim)

9.3. when girl friends have fights they get physical- Angelina, Jwow, Snooki and Sami have all gotten in a physical fight with someone (SW)

9.3.1. Goes back to the issue of stereotyping - girls are typically not supposed to physically fight each other, but in the Jersey Shore gender stereotypes, they are expected to (CW)

9.4. In boy/girl friendships the boys should protect the girls in a dangerous situation (SW)

9.4.1. The boys were protecting Snookie when someone at the club slapped her. (K.Kim)

9.4.2. When Snookie gets punched first season, the boys all search for the guy who did it and really defend Snookie (SW)

9.5. most of the boy/girl friendships are/have been sexual at one time (SW)

9.5.1. Ronnie and Sami

9.5.2. Snooki and Vinny

9.5.3. Angelina and Vinny

9.5.4. "The Hookup Board" shows that everyone has exchanged bodily fluids like six degrees of seperation (SW)

9.5.5. New node

9.6. Friendship can turn into family, at the final episode, Ronnie explains how much they have turned into a family after spending so much time together (MB)

9.6.1. New node new version of family, which can include friends and people who care about you (MB) The idea that families come in different shapes and sizes. Students in the classroom will have different types of families. Some will live with adopted parents, step-parents, grandparents, extended family, same-sex parents, etc. (MK)

10. Stereotypes

10.1. (H.P.)

10.2. girls dress slutty to go out (SW)

10.2.1. Jwow's outfits every night

10.3. The "Guido" as a now commonly-known/talked about specific type of person(CW)

10.3.1. Michael Cera visited the cast of Jersey Shore to learn how to become a guido. He learns how to dance, look, talk, and act like a guido. Here is a video of it: (KB)

10.4. The way they dress and act, what they enjoy doing, how they take care of themselves, how they talk and the vocabulary/slang they use (CW)

10.4.1. "Grenade"as a slang word that means something specifically to them (CW) A lot of profanity - girls and boys (CW) girls have to be "hot" to hook up with them or to get to know them (SW)

10.4.2. The brands they wear (Ed Hardy, etc.) (CW) The types of clothing/accessories they wear (CW) Boys Girls Their general appearance (CW) Boys Girls

10.4.3. The boys' "routine" that they have depicting what is important in their daily lives - Gym, tanning, laundry, or "gtl" (CW)

10.4.4. Girls spend a lot of time primping and tanning - tanned skin is very important (CW) Boys spend just as much/more time "primping" (CW) Specific images/stereotypes that the members of Jersey Shore portray are advertisements in themselves - promoting/selling tanning, working out, being "clean" (doing laundry), wearing a specific type of clothing, etc. (CW)

10.4.5. Stereotype of going to the tanning salon multiple times a week (CW) Even though Snooki has started spray tanning, she still is keeping her general tanned appearance (CW)

10.5. other stereotypes in the Unites States can have a huge impact on people today. The characters in Jersey Shore show how stereotypes can have a strong effect on how people are portrayed. (Meghan Mason)

10.6. Boys seem to be held to high standards in the media, just like girls are. Sometimes, the stereotpye for men can be tough to live up to. In Jersey Shore, the characters are portrayed as strong, cool, and persuasive men. The pressure for boys to be like this is probably becoming more of an issue. The link below gives some other common stereotypes with men today. (Meghan Mason)

10.7. Even though, Jersey Shore does portray many stereotypes, it fails to include certain groups of people like homosexual people, which makes it seem that these type of people cannot have a good time. (MB)

10.7.1. Other reality shows focus a lot on representing various groups found in the United States. (MB) The Real World always has someone who is homosexual present. They make sure to really exemplify that person fills that role in the house. (MB) In Amazing Race, teams are referred to by how they know each other. Almost always there is a homosexual couple, the elderly couple, the newly dating couple. They always choose extremes in those categories in order to see how those relationships seem to effect their work on the show. (MB)

11. Culture (KB)

11.1. Even though "Guido" is listed as a stereotype, the cast of Jersey Shore is extremely proud of where they come from. They are constantly referencing their Italian culture and heritage and talking about their customs. This might be one of the show's better qualities because it shows people that they should be proud of where they come from because that is what made them who they are. (KB)

11.2. Jersey Shore is one of the dominant forces in pop culture right now. (MH)

11.3. The Guido culture is the next "it" thing and a lifestyle. To them, "the Ten Commandments would be GTL (Gym, Tan, Laundry). This is the daily schedule of the guido, the mundane routine. But at night they come out to play at night clubs where the juice is flowing. This is the guido in his prime, fist pumping to anything the DJ is spinning. " Article from (MH)

12. Reality Television

12.1. Jersey Shore has become a new faze in television in general (MB)

12.2. People have a " a hunger to watch people with no discernible talent, no discernible insights, but who are willing, eager to be seen and heard doing . . . nothing" (MB)(

12.3. reality television began with Survivor and has now expanded to include about 1/4 of shows on primetime (MB). These reality shows have a large effect on how students view "real" life.

12.3.1. Many shows are actually scripted, so students are getting an inaccurate view of how real life is. Because of this, they see that there are little consequences for binge drinking and having tons of unprotected sex. (MB) "Many of these shows are staged, choreographed and edited to make the viewing public "think" that what is going on is real life" ( (MB)

12.4. Draw of Reality TV shows (MH)

12.4.1. People like "vicarious thrill of talent competitions like American Idol.",8599,1842705,00.html (MH)

12.4.2. People like watching how "at their intimate best, the shows can out-dramatize fictional TV drama.,8599,1842705,00.html (MH)

12.4.3. Some reality shows are horrifying and trashy, and others are completely compelling and socially redeeming," says Dehnart. "It's a varied genre." Just like the real world.,8599,1842705,00.html (MH)

13. Self-Appreciation

13.1. Jersey Shore

13.1.1. Base their view of self on their popularity and fitting into the norms. (CW)

13.1.2. New node

13.2. Students

13.2.1. Everyone is different and unique (CW)

13.2.2. Following the norms to find who you really are when you are older. (CW)

13.2.3. Be able to like who you are and what makes you unique (CW)

13.2.4. "If you aren't you, who will be?" (CW)

13.2.5. "If everyone were normal, this would be a very boring place to live" (CW)

13.2.6. (CW) This article identifies self appreciation as the number 1 key to happiness and living a happy life. (CW)

13.2.7. (CW) This is a link to a picture of Van Gogh's self portrait. Self portraits are a good way to see how an individual perceives themselves and how they think others perceive them. They may make some physical features that they are particularly aware of more pronounced in the picture than they are in real life. Van Gogh didn't have a right ear so his self portrait is from a left corner view so you can't see that he doesn't have a right ear. (CW)

14. Popular Culture (A.W.)

14.1. (A.W.)

14.2. This is a picture of the Mona Lisa listening to an Ipod, shows how times have changed and (A.W)

14.3. (A.W)

14.3.1. Old picture of a woman crying compared to the new comic like woman crying over a cupcake (A.W)

14.3.2. (A.W)

14.4. (A.W)

14.4.1. Picture of Angelina Jolie making fun of her for all of her children. She is draw as like a god or angel figure (A.W)

14.5. My lesson plan is looking at popular culture today in comparison to popular culture in the past. What has changed what is the same. Finding pictures of ways people have compared old popular culture to present day such as the Mona Lisa picture can show young children things like the Ipod have not always been around. (A.W)

14.5.1. New node I enjoy this picture. I think it takes the old fashion value of the "family dinner" and then adds new pop culture of Hello Kitty into it. (A.W)

15. distorted reality

15.1. After watching shows like Jersey Shore, kids and teens may assume that life revolves around drinking and sex. (MB)

15.2. In Jersey Shore, the participants work at a ice cream shop, which may give viewers the false impression that from that job, they have enough money to party each night. (MB)

15.2.1. In addition, the cast never discusses real jobs or college, which may make some viewers believe that these are unimportant for their future. (MB) New node

16. Travel/ New Place

16.1. Great places to see: (MH)

16.2. 31 places to go in 2010: (MH)

16.3. Lesson Plan Idea: Create your own country with any landscapes/landmarks you would like to see. Also, incorporate depth and a 3D version of your country on a land. (MH)