Personal Goals 2016

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Personal Goals 2016 by Mind Map: Personal Goals 2016

1. Budget Goals

1.1. Stay in budget

1.2. Optimize cost efficiency

2. Delivery Goals

2.1. Deliver X in 2016

3. People Goals

3.1. Build mobile competence

4. Structural Goals

4.1. Implement more dynamic ways of working apart from classical team centric structure

4.2. Move all into one area

4.3. Find a real home for AID

4.4. Transfer modularization and Property Platform topics and costs into Busines Platform

5. Functional Goals

5.1. Implement SCCM in Resi

6. Process Goals

6.1. Repair the disconnect betwenn HOx and Teams

6.2. Close knowlegde and flow gap between Programm Wall and team boards