Creating A Republic

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Creating A Republic by Mind Map: Creating A Republic

1. Articles of Confederation

1.1. 1st American constitution,created loose alliance of states

1.2. Strengths:

1.2.1. Congress can declare war,appoint officers,coin money,responsible for foreign affair

1.3. Continental Congress:

1.3.1. 1 branch of gov,states 1 vote, 9/13 to approve

1.4. Weakness:

1.4.1. limit central power,fear of repetition of British rule

1.5. Congress power limited:

1.5.1. can't tax,no 1 to ensure laws were followed,can't resolve conflicts,countries can take control

1.6. Settling in Western Lands

1.6.1. Land Ordinance of 1785 settling the Northwest Territory&1 section set aside for public schools

1.6.2. Northwest Ordinance gave basic rights/60,000=new state

1.7. Depression

1.7.1. Shay's Rebellion(Daniel Shay) 1786 Raised taxes/peeps can't pay taxes/Rights were taken attacked courthouse to prevent seizing homes A of C not working

2. Constitutional Convention

2.1. Virginia Plan

2.1.1. strong gov. w/ 3 branches

2.1.2. two houses& larger states gets more reps.

2.2. NJ Plan

2.2.1. 3 branches w/ 1 house& 1 vote per state

2.3. Great Compromise(Robert Sherman)

2.3.1. Favored by both larger/small states

2.3.2. 2 house legislative

2.4. Three Fifths Compromise

2.4.1. 3/5 of the slaves in a state would be counted in the population

2.5. goal to revise the A of C

3. Influences

3.1. Roman Republic

3.1.1. signed opinions w/ Roman names

3.1.2. keep citizens independent/loyal

3.1.3. not stumble w/ luxury/comfort more than freedom

3.2. British Freedom/Tradition

3.2.1. Magna Carta Laws/rights included errbody including leader/king

3.2.2. not allowed to raise taxes w/o consulting someone

3.2.3. Rights include: habeas corpus/trial by jury/can carry weapons/elections held

3.3. American Experience

3.3.1. Relied on written doc/make Commander of Chief of Army/Navy

3.4. Enlightenment

3.4.1. John Locke Protect Life,Liberty,Property(if not,can revolt)

3.4.2. Baron de Montesquieu Separation of Powers(idea of Republic)

3.4.3. Rousseau Social Contract, citizens give up some freedom=gov. protect their right to life

4. Bill of Rights

4.1. Federalist

4.1.1. Favored Constitution w/o it

4.1.2. Federalist Papers: to defend Constitution

4.2. Anti federalist

4.2.1. Wants it to be added on Constitution

4.3. James Madison

4.3.1. proposed 12 amendments 3/4 of the states ratified 10 amendments

4.4. To protect natural rights not to create rights