Hercule Poirot

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Hercule Poirot by Mind Map: Hercule Poirot

1. Swedish lady

1.1. She went into Ratchetts room before the murder

1.2. Was a nurse

2. Mary Debnham

2.1. Coming from Baghdad going to London

2.2. Go's straight to the point

3. Colonel Arbuthnot

3.1. Retired Army

3.2. smokes a pipe

3.2.1. does not like Ratcett because he knew the armstrong family

3.3. Likes Mary Debnham

3.3.1. Mc. Queen was talking with him during the night

4. M. Bouc

4.1. friend of M. Poirot

4.2. Works for the train company

4.2.1. Wants M. Poirot

4.3. Moved onto a coach from athens that was just added

5. Princess Dragomiroff

5.1. Rich, Ugly

5.2. she was friends of the Armstrongs

5.3. I think she knows M. Poirot from somewhere

6. Mrs. Hubbard

6.1. Talks About Daughter

6.1.1. Mr. Hubbard is dead

6.2. Call's Ratchett a murderer

6.2.1. Accuses the man in her room of being the murderer

6.3. Thinks there is a Man in her room before Ratchett dies

6.3.1. found a button in her room that is not hers

6.4. Found a knife in her bag

7. MacQueen

7.1. Fellow Traveller

7.1.1. Was Ratcetts Secretary

7.2. He was not shocked when Ratchett died he seemed happy/ relived

7.2.1. Probably did not do it

7.3. Did not know of Ratchetts identity prior to this one

8. Ratchett

8.1. Hired MacQueen

8.2. Gets killed

8.2.1. He knew that someone wanted to kill him

8.3. Trying to hire M. poirot

8.3.1. Stabbed 12 times

8.4. Real name is Cassetti

8.4.1. he killed two people

9. Sheep-like lady

9.1. Swedish

9.2. Does not speak much English

10. Snow stops the train the day before Ratchett dies

11. Princess Dragmiroff and the Hungarian couple were not in the dining car the day Ratchett was killed

12. Dr. Constantine

12.1. Small Dark man

12.2. Tells M. Poirot that Ratchett is dead

12.3. Wants to accompany M. Poirot in the questionings

13. Murder: done between midnight and 2/ window was found open, no footprints

14. Two people killed him one came in after the other

15. Ratchett was drugged before he was killed

16. They found a handkerchief and a pipe cleaner

17. Ratchetts pocket watch has 1:15 on it

18. Letter in fire

18.1. "Remember little Daisy Armstrong"

19. Wagon Lit Conductor

19.1. Found Ratchett dead

19.2. remembers things he did around the time of the murder

19.3. Probably did not do it

20. Valet

20.1. did not go to bed until late (4am)

20.2. does not like Americans

21. A lady went the the bathroom around the time of murder

22. Count and Countess Andreni

22.1. Count Andreni does not want Poirot to talk to his wife

22.1.1. they saw nothing and heard nothing???

22.2. The countess was saying she did not know there were going to be any detectives on the train

22.2.1. There was a grease stain on the womens passport

22.3. Countess ask's why he is asking her questions about the pipe and robe

22.3.1. The grease stain could be covering her Christian name

23. Mr. Hardman

23.1. He is a detective

23.2. he thinks it was a small, dark man with a high pitched voice

23.2.1. No one on the train fits that description

24. Antonio Foscarelli (Italian)

24.1. huge salesman

24.2. Talks a lot about anything and everything

25. German Lady's Maid: Hildegarde Schmidt

25.1. Saw the conductor leaving one of the rooms at night

25.2. The same dark short man came into her room (Dr. Constantine)

26. People said they saw the conductor passing down the hall, yet he said he only got up a few times

27. There was a small dark man in a LIt conductor uniform (could be the murderer)

27.1. Could be a woman dressed as a man

28. There was a woman walking down the hall in a red comono

29. The man/woman must have went into Mrs. Hubbards room waking her and putting the knife in her bag

30. Passengers Luggage

30.1. Colonel Arbuthnot: Has the same pipe cleaners as the ones found at the crime

31. When someone came to check on Rattchet he was already dead and it was his murderer speaking