Creating a Republic

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Creating a Republic by Mind Map: Creating a Republic

1. A Loose Confederation

1.1. Articles of Confederation

1.1.1. weaknesses weak alliance between states limited Congress's power

1.1.2. strengths declare war coin currency

1.2. states wrote constitutions

1.3. divided power

1.3.1. judicial

1.3.2. executive

1.4. settling West Land

1.4.1. Land Ordinance of 1785 system for settling Northwest Territory

1.4.2. Northwest Ordinance government for Northwest Territory

1.5. Shay's Rebbelion

1.5.1. raid by farmers

1.5.2. caused by high taxes

1.5.3. revised Articles of Confederation

2. Constitutional Convention

2.1. gathering of state reps. to revise Articles of Confederation

2.2. separation of powers

2.2.1. 3 branches of gov. executive- carry out laws legislature- made laws judicial- judges laws

3. Ideas Behind Constitution

3.1. Rome and Greece

3.1.1. wanted to avoid dictatorship

3.1.2. created republic- elected representatives

3.2. England

3.2.1. Magna Carta 1. monarch obeyed laws 2. all citizens have basic rights

3.2.2. English Bill of RIghts protected rights of citizens affirmed right of habeas corpus you can't go to jail without a reason

3.3. Enlightenment

3.3.1. Baron de Montesquieu idea of 3 branches of gov. executive legislative judicial

3.3.2. John Locke all people have natural rights life liberty property gov. is agreement between ruler and ruled

4. Ratification and the Bill of Rights

4.1. Ratifing the Constitution

4.1.1. colonists divide Anti-Federalists unsatisfied with Constitution Federalists supporters of Constitution approve to ratify Constitution and add Bill of Rights

4.2. Adding Bill of Rights

4.2.1. George Washington elected as President

4.2.2. James Madison wrote 12 amendments

4.2.3. John Adams elected as Vice President