Palace of Versailles

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Palace of Versailles by Mind Map: Palace of Versailles

1. What is it?

1.1. It is a royal palace, and wealthy suburb of Paris.

1.2. It is a royal chateau.

1.3. The Palace of Versailles is a royal château.

2. Where is it?

2.1. 48.8044N, 2.1232E

2.2. Versille, France/ 48.804404.N 2.123162.E.

2.3. The palace is located in Versailles.

2.4. m

2.5. It is located in the lle-de-France region of France

3. Who built the palace?

3.1. The architects are Louis Le Vau, Jules Hardouin-Mansart, Ange-Jacques Gabriel, Robert de Cotte, Philibert Le Roy, and Jacques Gabriel. but Louis XIII orderd it to be constructed.

3.2. Also for King Luis XIV.

3.3. Louis Xlll (13th). then Louis the XlV (14th) vamped it up.

4. How has it been used?

4.1. it has been used as a museum

4.2. Sometimes politicians meet their.

4.2.1. Organize facts into categories

4.3. The original residence, built from 1631 to 1634 was primarily a hunting lodge private retreat for Louis XIII relgned 1610-1643) and his family.

4.3.1. What?

4.4. Louis the Xlll (13th) used as a hunting lodge.

5. How large is it?

5.1. I got 87,728,720 square feet or 2,014 acres including 230 acres of gardens.

5.2. The palace's floor area is 67,000m2 or 721,182 ft2

6. Additional facts

6.1. The palace is full of sculptures and paintings.

6.2. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

6.3. there is 230 acers of garden

6.4. it took 36,000 workers and 50 years to build it.

6.5. 3 million people visit it every year.

6.6. It has 2153 windows,1200 fireplaces, 700 rooms, and over 67 staircases

6.7. It was started by Louis XIII and ended under the supervision of Louis XIV.

6.8. Only a small portion is open to the public.

6.9. the palace officially declared residence in 1682 and official residence of the court of France on May 6th 1682.

6.10. Each arch has 21 mirrors.

6.11. It has a marble court.

6.12. saɪ/ vair-S this is how you say it in english /vɛərˈY or /vərˈsaɪ/ vər-SY; French 2.123162 [vɛʁsaj]),saɪ/ vair-S this is how you say it in english /vɛərˈY or /vərˈsaɪ/ vər-SY; French 2.123162 [vɛʁsaj]),saɪ/ vair-S this is how you say it in english /vɛərˈY or /vərˈsaɪ/ vər-SY; French 2.123162 [vɛʁsaj]),

6.13. It has 230 acres of gardens.

6.14. It is a national monument of France.

6.15. On October 8,1789 a group of townspeople, especially woman, marched up and asked for bread.

6.16. The palace has the title of "