Security Policy

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Security Policy by Mind Map: Security Policy

1. Software Inventory



2. People

2.1. LifeCycle

2.1.1. Entry/New Personnel Briefing Creation of Identity and Passwords Equipment Handling Type of Personnel Developers Infra AE

2.1.2. Exit Destruction of Identity and Passwords Equipment Handover Sanitisation of Equipment

2.2. Violation

2.2.1. Suspension

2.2.2. Termination

2.3. Segregation of Roles

2.3.1. DBA

2.3.2. System Engineer

3. Infrastructure

3.1. Phases

3.1.1. Setup (Defined as Pre-Commissioning) Apps Developer for Initial Setup

3.1.2. Post Commissioning SR Process

3.2. Deployment

3.2.1. Process SR Portal Deployment (Staging) - Verification Deployment (Production) - Verification

3.3. Provisioning

3.3.1. TIM and PIM will be around to commence provisioning

3.4. Incident Management

3.4.1. Taxi

3.4.2. Uber

4. Asset

4.1. Equipment

4.1.1. Permitted Software Managed through AD Policies Dependent on Roles Developer System Engineer Accounts Executive

4.1.2. Management Lifecycle Purchase Ownership Trail Decommissioning Catalog

4.1.3. Management of Tokens Belong to 1 Person (Should not be handed around)

4.1.4. Lost of Equipment Report to IDA

4.2. Software Licenses

4.2.1. Manual Monitoring Non-Critical Expiry

4.2.2. Anti-Virus Cloud Managed

4.3. Audit

4.3.1. Quarterly Audit of Equipment

4.3.2. Quaterly Audit of Licenses

4.4. Data

4.4.1. Folders will be protected based on AD

4.4.2. Categorisation Classified Data Customer Database Non-Classified Data Documents etc..

5. Office

5.1. Access Logging

6. Software