Business lab 2 - Innovation management

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Business lab 2 - Innovation management by Mind Map: Business lab 2 - Innovation management

1. Problems

1.1. little assets (no money)

1.1.1. invested our money in current business - selling high-quality tents What is most important? Where should we invest?

1.2. small Human Resources Department

1.2.1. -> less than 10 employees Does it make sense to spend time in organizing it in more detaiL?

1.3. implementing the strategy to the other areas

1.3.1. How do the strategies affect the other areas of business?

2. Ideas and Strategies

2.1. Travel trips to attract new customers

2.1.1. Positioning innovation

2.2. Motivational theories to satisfy our employees

2.2.1. bonus from the sales revenue Goal setting theory

2.3. shorten the cash conversion cycle to use money more efficiently

2.3.1. offering a better cash discount -> receiving payments of customers earlier paying account payable at the latest opportunity

2.4. capture the latent, hidden and future needs of the customer

3. Action Points

3.1. Presentation of our group

3.1.1. By scrum master Pieke

3.2. Table of content

3.2.1. By scrum master Pieke

3.3. Methodology

3.3.1. By scrum master Pieke

3.4. Marketing

3.4.1. By Franziska and Sanita

3.5. OBH

3.5.1. By Sanita and Pieke

3.6. Supply Chain Management

3.6.1. By Martin and Robin

3.7. Finance

3.7.1. By Robin and Franziska

3.8. Questions and answers

3.8.1. Everyone was involved

4. Goals

4.1. attract new customer

4.1.1. expand the company to achieve a good reputation

4.2. satisfy our employees that leads to efficient production

4.2.1. to bind our employees to Aurora tents

4.3. stave out off our debts

4.3.1. achieve permanent profit

4.4. check out the interests of our customers

4.4.1. to make the most of our research