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I'm in the future by Mind Map: I'm in the future

1. I want to work as a coach

2. Big City Life

2.1. I want to move to another city

3. coach-teacher

4. be one's own master

4.1. In the United States of America, one must be able to prove that one is a legal adult in order to work full-time for any company or organization.

5. Finished school tests good)

5.1. HOMEWORK EVERY FREAKIN NIGHT. They seriously never cut us slack. I know it's an advanced class, but COME ON. We're not robots, we have lives...unlike the staff.


6.1. The Dance Festival has been a part of Blackpool's history for over 90 years & today there are five Dance Festivals held in Blackpool. The Festivals are held in the Empress Ballroom at the Winter Gardens comprising of the Blackpool Dance Festival, Freestyle Dance Championship, The Sequence Dance Festival, Junior Dance Festival & the British National Dance Championships.