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1. The Wicked Witch of the West

1.1. Internal Conflict

1.1.1. a. She thought Dorothy was ineffective, but she is trying to make her slave.

1.1.2. b. She supposed to be strong but she uses something else to kill them.

1.2. External Conflict

1.2.1. a. The people who she thinks are ineffectives killed her.

1.2.2. b. Whatever she tried to kill them there was alwats an obstacle.

1.3. Situational Irony about the Character

1.3.1. a. She is a powerful witch but she melts from water.

1.3.2. She is a powerful witch but she is obsessed over a pair of shoes.

2. The Wizard of Oz

2.1. Internal Conflict

2.1.1. a. He was supposed to be the strongest wizard but he is nothing than a human being.

2.1.2. b. He can't send Dorothy and give them what they wanted but he pretends that he can.

2.2. External Conflict

2.2.1. a. He is afraid of anyone to know his real personality

2.2.2. b. There is always an obstacle.

2.3. Situational Irony about the Character

2.3.1. a. He is formed as so many shapes and he is a liar.

2.3.2. b. He asks something that he can't do.

3. The Cowardly Lion

3.1. Internal Conflict

3.1.1. a. He is a lion but he is coward.

3.1.2. b. He wanted to be courageous but he was one of the biggest coward in the world.

3.2. External Conflict

3.2.1. a. Everybody expects him to be brave because he is a lion but he is not.

3.2.2. b. Whenever he wanted to do something brave someting or somebody stopped him

3.3. Situational Irony about the Character

3.3.1. a. He is a big, strong lion but he can easily et hurt when Dorothy hit him.

3.3.2. b. If some animal tried to fight him he would run without looking back.

4. The Tin Woodman

4.1. Internal Conflict

4.1.1. a. He was someone who wanted to love and be loved but he didn't have heart.

4.1.2. b. He was a woodman who is made of tin.

4.2. External Conflict

4.2.1. a. He gets rusted when he cries but he is an emotional man.

4.2.2. b. He thinks brains are not the best thing in the world but the Scarecrow tthinks the opposite.

4.3. Situational Irony about the Character

4.3.1. a. Even though he does not have a heart, he cries after he steps on a beettle and kills him.

4.3.2. b. He gets upset when the bees die because of him.

5. The Scarecrow

5.1. Internal Conflict

5.1.1. a. He thinks thet being human is hard but they have brains so it's worth it.

5.1.2. b. He doesn't have a brain but he finds the best ideas.

5.2. External Conflict

5.2.1. a. He thinks that brains are the best things in the world but the Tin Woodman thinks the opposite.

5.2.2. b. He solves too many obstacles for a man who doesn't have a brain.

5.3. Situational Irony about the Character

5.3.1. a. He was supposed to scare the crows but instead the crow comfort him when he needed.

5.3.2. b. He didn't have a brain but when they came to the ditch he thought the best idea of of the others ideas.

6. Dorothy

6.1. Internal Conflict

6.1.1. a. She is an innocent, harmless little girl but she killed the Wicked Witch of East.

6.1.2. b. She felt lonely when she was surrounded by all these people.

6.2. External Conflict

6.2.1. a. She wanted to go home but something always put an obstacle in front of her.

6.2.2. b. She thinks she is a normal little girl from Kansas but she isn't just normal girl.

6.3. Situational Irony about the Character

6.3.1. a. She was so angry with the lion because of wha he did ut they became best friends.

6.3.2. b. She had that power to gp home all that time but she wasn't aware of it.