Online Presence

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Online Presence by Mind Map: Online Presence

1. Strategy

1.1. Platform

1.1.1. Content Promotion Social Media Pay-Per-Click Advertising Search Engine Optimization Email Newsletters (Podcast Networks) iTunes/Soundcloud/Stitcher Radio Conversions Blog Posts Page Copy Videos Podcasts Graphics/Infographics


1.1.3. Beaver Builder (Page Builder Plugin) Visual Composer (Page Builder Plugin)



1.1.6. Webflow

1.1.7. Local/Industry Directories i.e. Yelp, Dribbble

1.2. Who is your target audience/customer?

1.2.1. How can we tailor our messaging/website/content for this audience?

1.2.2. How do we convert those people into leads or customers?

1.2.3. What do your customers actually need?

1.3. What are we doing to meet those objectives?

1.3.1. What objectives are you trying to accomplish?

1.4. Who are your competitors?

1.4.1. How can you be more effective than them?