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Storify by Mind Map: Storify

1. What is it?

1.1. News: Storify helps you to find the best first-hand reports on any number of topics from anywhere globally via social media.

1.1.1. This aspect of the site sounds like it would be a great resource to use anytime current events are being incorporated into a lesson which is often in a social studies classroom. (Erin Cameron)

1.2. Live Events: Storify helps to showcase and recap everything from an event.

1.3. Chats: Storify allows you to archive social media chats such as those taking place on Facebook and Twitter so that those who were not part of said chat may benefit from and add to the discussion.

2. How does it work?

2.1. Step 1: Find Storify helps to connect to countless social media sites and other sources for an all-inclusive search.

2.2. Step 2: Create With Storify's editor anyone can drag and drop anything instantly to create a story with no coding knowledge needed.

2.3. Step 3: Collaborate With Storify's Enterprise Plan, any group can have a real-time collaborative multi-editor experience for creating streamlined content.

2.4. Step 4: Share Storify has the ability to get your story in front of the eyes of your intended audience.

3. What is the benefit for education?

3.1. Gather many points of view on educational tools, technologies, or hot topics and combine them into one story to share with your colleagues.

3.2. Recap all segments of a staff meeting or in-service so that all may benefit from conversations they were not directly involved with.

3.2.1. I could definitely see myself suggesting this tool and using this part of the tool because there are so many meetings in a week where I am doing my student teaching and there is always someone missing because they are out or couldn’t get coverage for their classroom. What a great way to organize and share everything that was discussed since sometimes it’s hard to grab a colleague and ask them what you missed, you can just logon and see it. This would be good as well for keeping track of any action items or follow-ups from meetings and to keep detailed records of meetings incase they need to be referenced in the future. (Erin Cameron

3.3. Recap classroom events with parents and administration and showcase student work.

3.4. Archive chats with educators near and far so that other teachers may learn from and add to your brainstorming sessions and conversations.

4. Think this a great app. the uses are limitless. I really like the idea of students being able to stay up on current news and having the ability to string together different view points - Jonathan Price

4.1. I agree with Jon. i think this can be limitless and is a great way for teachers to stay up to date on the news. S. Ruggiero

5. Question: I had to visit the site to get a better understanding of this tool. It sounds interesting. ( Is it a curator of news events? -Dr. Fritz