Pocket - Social Media Productivity Tool by Alex Kenkelen

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Pocket - Social Media Productivity Tool by Alex Kenkelen by Mind Map: Pocket - Social Media Productivity Tool by Alex Kenkelen

1. Enhancing the Teaching/Learning Process

1.1. Connects across different social media platforms to bring it all in one place. Information that students have found is now in one place and easy for them to find.

1.2. Students can add tags to what they find so they can juggle several research projects at once. Tags allow for easy searching.

1.3. Saving something to Pocket only takes a button click, so students will never lose a resource or resist saving it.

1.4. Pocket can sync across a student's different devices, so they are always able to find information and resources no matter where they are.

1.5. Students do not need a wi-fi connection to read their saved documents, so they do not need to be "connected" to still be productive in their social media.

1.6. Teachers can always save information they find even if they do not currently have the time to read it.

1.7. Tags will allow teachers to save information for future units and class discussions without hassle. Preparing for class can become second nature and less demanding on a teacher's time.

2. Collaborative Learning

2.1. You can have friends on Pocket to send articles and saved pages to whenever. Students can become friends with each other to work on group research together or share any interesting information they find.

2.1.1. I love the idea of having a platform for students to collaborate with each other! I think allowing students to become "friends" on the site is a great way to keep learning exciting for students and give them a sense of familiarity to sites they most likely are comfortable with (facebook, instagram). -G. Kelly

2.2. A teacher can send resources to students. These resources can relate to the whole class, a specific group topic, or anything else the teacher may find helpful!

2.2.1. This could be a great way to differentiate instruction! -Dr. Fritz

2.3. Pocket connects to different social media platforms such as Twitter and Feedly, so students without those accounts can still participate in social productive research with classmates.

2.4. The interactive feed allows for international learning. Students and teachers can all access new information based on their current interests.

2.4.1. This seems like an excellent tool for learning and teaching! M. Krotz

3. URL

3.1. getpocket.com

3.1.1. Maybe make it so when you click on it, it automatically opens on another page. I think it is called a hyperlink. M. Krotz

4. Important Details

4.1. Pocket allows you to save articles, resources, videos, artifacts, etc. from the internet and over 800 social media apps into one place.

4.2. Users tag their resources to allow for easy searching later.

4.3. Pocket can sync across any connected devices so that the user will always have access to their resources. Resources can even be accessed without a wi-fi connection, so users do not need to be "tapped in" in order to participate in their social media.

4.4. There are no more excuses to not read an article because you do not currently have the time. Pocket will save the resource until you read it.

4.4.1. I never heard of this! Thank You for teaching me! I just went to the site to check it out! M. Krotz

4.5. Users can "friend" others to easily share links and resources.

4.6. The mobile app also includes a "recommended feed" that will show users people and resources that they might like based on their interests and who they choose to "follow".

4.6.1. These are all very good features that appear to be well thought out for the user's convenience. W.Kerr