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Need Help? by Mind Map: Need Help?

1. Training

1.1. university student / internship

1.1.1. letter from the uni with the student details and training criteria to be applied through ATA -interview or meeting will be arranged if needed-

1.2. self training

1.2.1. Application to be submitted to the ATA and paying the fees

1.3. summer training

1.3.1. summer programs announced through hospital advertisement media with registration method and criteria

2. collaboration

2.1. Collaborative research project

2.2. Institutional collaboration

2.3. Departmental collaboration

3. Volunteering

3.1. apply through volunteering Department we will get back to you based on availability

4. Researcher project

4.1. How to get approval

4.1.1. New study has to apply to IRB either following IRB page in the website or email IRB KFSHD Cv Protocol Training certificate Check list Non KFSHD Need a local investigator to be assigned by research department Clinical trial All studies running experiments trial on patients either observational or international need to be submitted through clinical trial department

4.1.2. Applying for Amendments/ extension or submitting final report Choosing the right form from IRB page and fill it out or emailing IRB staff for assistance

4.2. Need help to start

4.2.1. Request pre research consultation appointment (researh clinic link) Identifying the research idea Choosing the research problem to address Developing hypothesis and formulating research question Guidance on how to search for the literature How to write a research proposal? Reviewing the research proposal

4.3. Difficult to meet IRB requirements

4.3.1. Request ethics and IRB consideration consultation appointment (research clinic link) IRB approval guidance Research ethics consideration

4.4. Challenges to build the right research methodology

4.4.1. Request methodology research clinic with constant (research clinic link) Research methodology consultation Identifying the right study design to answer the research question Identifying the essential variables to collect

4.5. Data section of the project

4.5.1. Research data inquiry Get IRB approval including the variables and timeframe Request will be handled by ghayda and Data will be sent after coding

4.5.2. Building data collection tool Request Redcap research clinic appointment (research clinic link)

4.5.3. Analysing data Request statistical services (research clinic link) Arranging for sample size calculation Arrange for a statistical analysis session Findings presentation and interpretation

4.6. Publication

4.6.1. Request Post Research Services (research clinic link) Guidance in the scientific writing (article formats) Reviewing the manuscript before publication

5. HR

5.1. All vaccines advertised by HR internally and externally. Direct Cv not acceptable

6. Courses

6.1. Customised course

6.1.1. Hospital department Research Forward request to operation Redcap Forward request to ghayda

6.1.2. Other hospital or university Need official letter of the request (number of audiences - in-house or in their venue- dates ) then forward the request to operation

6.2. Our regular courses

6.2.1. Spss is monthly basis and regeneration announced before a week of each round (with fees)

6.2.2. Redcap orientation and practical workshop is monthly basis announced couple of days before the session (free)

6.2.3. Research educational series is once a year announced by ATA (free)

7. Redcap

7.1. Request an account

7.1.1. Fill out requesting an account from REDCap page under departmental page in hospital website

7.2. Account expired

7.2.1. Expired because of last login before 90 days Send email to REDCap administrator to activate it

7.2.2. Expired because of IRB approval expiry date Renew your IRB approval and send it to REDCap administrator to activate it

7.2.3. User suspended because of ethical consideration

7.3. Adding team member

7.3.1. Email REDCap administrator with the new team member with ID and role to be added

7.4. Requesting additional project

7.4.1. Fill out requesting a new project as existing user which is the same form in REDCap page under departmental page in hospital website