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Onecoin by Mind Map: Onecoin

1. Why Join Onecoin?

1.1. Future Proof

1.1.1. New

1.1.2. Innovative and cutting edge

1.2. Start up Company

1.2.1. Penny Stocks

1.2.2. Volatility of the market is stable and trending up

1.2.3. Timing is right Big opportunity for growth

1.3. Financial Freedom

1.3.1. Early Retirement

1.3.2. Financial Security Home Car Create more passive income

1.3.3. Education Ability to send your kids to a good school Ability to add more learning to yourself

1.3.4. Time Family Leisure Travel

1.3.5. Control

1.4. Legit

1.4.1. Owner - Dr. Ruja Ignatova •Founder, Owner and Chief Operating Officer of OneCoin Born in Sofia, Bulgaria •Degree in Law (M.Jur) from the University of Oxford •Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Konstanz •Ph.D. in Law from the Universities of Oxford and Konstanz, Thesis on Corporate Litigation within the European Union •Former Associate Partner with McKinsey & Company •While at McKinsey & Company, projects in Corporate Banking Private Equity (KKR, TPG) Asset Management Risk Management Operating and Liquidity Risk •Former CEO and CFO of one of the biggest Asset Management Funds in Bulgaria –CSIF with 250 Mio Euro assets under managementDr. Ruja Ignatova Mckinsey and Co Clients

1.4.2. Security and Technology Servers Encryption

1.4.3. Backed up by Gold Untitled the new hybrid cryptocurrency Aurum Gold Coin, the first cryptocurrency backed up by solid gold. By backing up the value of the cryptocurrency by gold we are decreasing the volatility and the price of the Aurum Gold Coins depends mainly on the changes of the gold, but they are not as drastic as the price variations of BitCoin for a short period of time. We are pioneers in the development of this hybrid type of cryptocurrency

1.5. Learning and Knowledge

1.5.1. Like the stock market

1.5.2. Preparedness

1.5.3. Crypto currency Knowledge

2. Compensation Plan

2.1. Mining and Trading

2.1.1. Edu. plan = Tokens Token are used to mine for Coins Coins are convertible to Euros

2.2. Recruitment

3. To do

3.1. Marketing

3.1.1. Social Media Onecoin MNL FB Page Youtube Channel Podcast/Webcast

3.1.2. Social Events Private Parties

4. Binary System

5. Matching Bonus