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My Personal Learning Network by Mind Map: My Personal Learning Network

1. Portical

1.1. Portical is an integral piece in my PLN because it's my one stop shop for administrators who are interested in technology. I'm a huge fan of Portical because it Blogs, tutorials, videos, templates and tools, interviews, success stories, expert opinions, you name it. The website itself is very user friendly and i appreciate the multiple learning modalities it offers for individuals like me who learning best by watching or listening.

2. Pinterest

2.1. As a teacher, Pinterest was an amazing resource for my Personal Learning Network to help me find great instructional ideas for SPED students while also being able to make it myself, which is way cheaper than purchasing it from Lakeshore.

3. Twitter

3.1. As a former teacher who's role was to integrated all of my high-functioning Autistic students into the gen ed environment i initially started using Twitter with my aides in order to see how all of my students were doing behaviorally and academic even i didn't have a chance to see then that day. My staff as a whole found it to be a useful resource to say up date on each students issues. Later on, i started exapanding my PLN opportunities by following #Edchat, #Edtech, and #Elearning in order to expose myself to current trends and provide me with new ideas without having to do much research.

4. Podcasts

4.1. Podcasts are a great addition to my Personal Learning Network because i can download them and listen while i'm driving which makes for efficient use of time. My favorite Podcast is #edchat Radio which is a ten-minute show that highlights conversations from the weekly #edchat Twitter chat topic. The weekly hosts invite a few powerful conversationalists from the week's chat to reflect and share. This is a great show for those building my PLN when i don't have time to participate in the weekly chat.

5. Tedtalks

5.1. I use Tedtalks as an easy way to keep up on educational topics that are both inspiring and innovative. I'm a visual person and i watch Tedtalks at home because they're entertaining and make it feel like i'm not working, but i'm still learning and keeping up-to-date