Technology in Education

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Technology in Education by Mind Map: Technology in Education

1. What we KNOW?

1.1. Millennials learn better with technology

1.2. Technology is efficient

1.3. Technology can be used effectively in education

2. What we WANT to know?

2.1. What are the best ways to communicate through technology?

2.2. What are the best education technologies available?

2.3. Become more savvy and literate with teaching technologies

3. What we LEARNed?

3.1. Technology can be used to communicate with both students and parents

3.1.1. Can be effective in getting parental support with homework and studies

3.1.2. Technology can save time iPads Apps Web-based programs Laptops MSWord Excel Powerpoint Websites Chromebooks Websites Google Docs Apps

3.2. There are many technology tools

3.2.1. Kidspiration

3.2.2. Mindmeister

3.2.3. eClicker

3.2.4. & many more...

3.2.5. Survey Monkey

3.2.6. Software programs

3.2.7. Special-needs tools

3.2.8. compliments different learning styles

3.3. Technology is helpful in providing feedback and in obtaining feedback

3.3.1. Online surveys

3.3.2. Online assessments/quizzes to assess knowledge and provide feedback to teachers

3.4. Technology fosters collaboration

3.4.1. Google docs

3.4.2. ning

3.4.3. PB Works

4. HOW are we going to find out?

4.1. EDU 590

4.2. Textbook

4.3. Class Assignments

4.4. Class Discussions

4.5. Hands-On learning of programs

4.5.1. Mindmeister

4.5.2. Kidspiration

4.5.3. RubiStar

4.5.4. Tech4Teaching

4.5.5. MS Word Processing applications

4.5.6. Additional websites, programs and apps

4.5.7. eClicker