Madeline Chandler

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Madeline Chandler by Mind Map: Madeline Chandler

1. Five Senses

1.1. Sight

1.1.1. City Center, Leeds, Leeds Beckett, attractions in Dublin, Paris big part of study abroad experiences

1.2. Smell

1.2.1. New foods, metro, sheep at the National Park

1.3. Taste

1.3.1. New foods, Tea Time, Yo Sushi, Guinness, Irish foods, crepes in France, snails

1.4. Touch

1.4.1. Plane ticket, room key, interactive museum, rocks at Cliffs of Moher, Guinness beer, Eiffel Tower

1.5. Hear

1.5.1. Crows, big city, fire alarm, ocean at Cliffs of Moher

2. Experience Economy

2.1. Movie theatre experience, museum, Leeds Beckett campus theme, escape games

2.2. Memorabilia

2.2.1. Many of the places that we went to had gift shops and picture taking opportunities

2.2.2. Dublin had many memorabilia stores including people selling items on the streets. There was also memorabilia at the attractions we went to such as Guinness and Book of Kells

2.2.3. The rugby stadium by campus has a while store devoted to Leeds Rhinos merchandise

2.2.4. Football merchandise that we were convinced to buy

2.3. WSA (weekend student tour) to Paris, France for the weekend was all about paying the tour guide to create an experience for me

3. Pillers

3.1. Health and Wellness

3.1.1. Public transportation, recycling

3.1.2. Yorkshire Dales National Park

3.2. Social Equity

3.2.1. St Stevens Green was free for the public to use but it used to not be. Making it public allows for anyone to be able to participate in a healthy lifestyle.

3.3. Conservation

3.3.1. There is a garden in Scotland that makes art out of the environment

3.3.2. recycling in the apartment

4. New Places

4.1. City Center, Leeds Beckett campus, Beckett Park, Trinity Mall, Yo Sushi, St Patricks Cathedral, Cliffs of Moher, Guinness, Book of Kells, Paris, France, Paperworks Volunteering, Germany, Austria

5. Leadership and Management

5.1. I have been a leader when having to show the group directions

5.2. Learned follwership, negotiation, and leadership through group games and activity presentation

5.3. At the Guinness tour and at Trinity College we had a tour guide that acted as our leader through those attractions

5.4. We learned our roles within leadership and management when working on the Middlesbrough project in a group and developing our strengths

6. Human Resources

6.1. Different jobs within Recreational Therapy

6.2. Learning the qualifications it takes to become a volunteer in England

6.3. Different types of tour guides at Guinness. Our guide knew of the more expensive tour that we got to view part of.

7. Recreational Therapy

7.1. Sports Conferance and listening to professionals

7.2. Volunteering at Paperworks - helping people with disabilities get jobs in the community

7.3. At the Green Mile in Dublin there was brail writing to name the plants

7.4. Guinness has lifts that were visible and in the middle of the facility

7.5. Paperworks - volunteering at an organization that helps people with disabilities work on job skills

7.6. Spent a lot of time talking to our tour guide in France about the different laws involving disability and how the metro system was not accessible

8. Marketing

8.1. Marking classes in the stadium that talked about social media marketing and other current marketing strategies

8.2. Guinness marketing in Dublin

8.3. Marketing in RT through an assignment that used creative thinking and marketing techniques

8.4. Alienz Arena and soccer merchandise

9. Finance

9.1. Soccer conplex

9.2. Budgeting for the EDGE Abroad trip