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1. Dorothy

1.1. Internal Conflict

1.2. External Conflict

1.3. Dorothy vs cyclone:she came with the cyclone but she didn't want it. Dorothy vs Wolf:Wolfes wants to kill dorothy. Dotorhy vs Crows:Crows wanted to give harm to them. Dorothy vs Bees:The bees wanted to sting them. Dorothy vs Winkies:Winkies wanted to kill them. Dorothy vs Wingt Monkeys:Wingt monkeys came to take them to the castle of the Wicked Witch of West. Dorothy vs The Wicked Witch of the West:The Witch sent all these above because she wanted to get her silver shoes.

1.4. Situational Irony about the Character

2. The Tin Woodman

2.1. Internal Conflict

2.1.1. Him versus himself : He is having problems with himself because his behaviours are contrasted with his lack of heart because if he doesn't have a heart, he shouldn't be emotional. But instead, he is very emotional that he can cry over a little bug.

2.2. External Conflict

2.3. Him versus the 40 Wolves : They tried to get him down but instead, he killed them with his axe.

2.4. Him versus the Bees : They try to kill him but their stings broke.

2.5. Him versus the Winged Monkeys (The Wicked Witch of West) : When the Winged Monkeys were in order of the Wicked Witch of West, they threw him onto the rocks where he lost his shape. Even though this wasn't a thing made intentionally, they hurt him.

2.6. Him versus water and running out of oil : As he is made out of tin, if he gets water on himself and gets rusted, he can't move and if he doesn't have some oil, he won't be able to move till the end of time.

2.7. Situational Irony about the Character

2.8. Even though he doesn't have a heart, he is so emotional that he cries over a bug that he had stepped on. But that doesn't make any sense because if he had a heart, he could be emotional, but without a heart, being emotional is very strange for him.

3. The Wizard of Oz

3.1. Internal Conflict

3.1.1. Oz vs. Oz : He made people believe that he is the powerful wizard but he isn't and after awhile he feels guilty.

3.2. External Conflict

3.2.1. Oz vs. Bad Witches :

3.3. Situational Irony about the Character

4. The Scarecrow

4.1. Internal Conflict

4.1.1. Him vs. himself : He obviously lacks quite a lot of courage since, at the beginning of the story ,(when he meets Dorothy), he has a very low opinion on himself. This is because he thinks he lacks intelligence. But in fact, even if he doesn't have any physical brains, he is the most intelligent out of all. He proves this to be true in many situations. It is him, who saves Dorothy, the Tinman and the Lion on numerous occasions. At the end, the great Oz can see that he needs some self-esteem and tricks him by giving him a brain made out of bran, pins and needles to make him "sharp". After this, the Scarecrow truly begins to believe in himself, resulting in him becoming the new ruler of the Emerald City.

4.2. External Conflict

4.2.1. Him vs. fire : As he is made of straw (hay), he has a rational fear of fire.

4.2.2. Him vs. the 40 crows : As he already has a grudge against crows (since he's a scarecrow), he is willing to defeat the 40 crows of the Wicked Witch of West and save himself and his friends.

4.3. Situational Irony about the Character

4.3.1. Even if he thinks dumb, he proves himself to be worthy in many situations. He has the best ideas that save him and his friends from the dangers they face and at the very end, he gets to rule the most beautiful and important par of the Land of Oz: the Emerald City.

5. The Wicked Witch of the West

5.1. External Conflict

5.1.1. Dorothy vs. Wicked Witch of the West: Dorothy wants to kill her and Wicked Witch of the West tries to stop her.

5.1.2. Oz vs. Wicked witch of the west: Wicked with wants to rule the kingdom but when Oz came, people believe that Oz is god.

5.2. Internal Conflict

5.2.1. Wicked Witch vs. Wicked Witch:

5.3. Situational Irony about the Character

5.3.1. Wicked witch is very powerful but she died because of a bucket of water.

6. Situational Irony about the Character

7. Lion vs. Khalidas: The lion roars at the Khalidas to scare them. It doesn't work though and they figure out another way to get rid of them.

7.1. Lion vs. Winkies: The lion roars again but this time he scares them.

7.1.1. Lion vs. Winged Monkeys: They take the lion and bring him to the Wicked Witch of West. The Cowardly Lion Internal Conflict Him vs himself: The lion thinks Actually he is brave enough to face the problems while they are in journey but still he thinks that he needs courage. External Conflict