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1. He is, in fact, a totally normal man who used to work at a circus as a ventriloquist but he had his air-balloon fail and fall on the Emerald City. The people thought he was a god and therefore named him the "Great and Powerful"

2. There are no animals present in the Emerald City.

2.1. Oz lives in the very center of the city.

3. South

3.1. Glinda (The Good Witch of South)

3.1.1. The people of South are called the "Quadlings". Their color is ruby. They are rich, helpful, gentle, chubby and kind.

4. Where the great and powerful Oz lives.

4.1. He makes his people put on spectacles so that they are blind to his little "game".

4.2. Nobody other than Dorothy and her friends has ever seen him properly.

4.2.1. The citizens: Many performers hold elaborate puppet shows for the children to watch while their busy parents run about the city. A seamstress works in the green city streets, standing by and selling beautiful green handmade clothing of fabrics fit for an Emperor. The citizens also are all educated, content, and free from care. And the residents of the city rarely ever go beyond the city's marble wall and into the outside of the city because the Emerald City is the most beautiful place in all of Oz.

5. North

6. East

6.1. She sees the munchkins (blue ,wears weird hats,oddly dressed, kind, polite)

6.2. She also sees the Good Witch of the North as a visitor.

6.3. She takes the silver shoes and the witch kisses her from her forehead.

7. Scarecrow

8. Tinman

9. Lion

10. West

10.1. Wicked Witch of West Winkies Yellow

10.1.1. Winkies: They're friendly and helpful people who are grateful to Dorothy for killing the Wicked Witch of the West who ruled them as slaves for many years when the Winged Monkeys brought them near her. They wear yellow in their clothes. Obstacles: 40 wolves (The Tin Woodman chopped them), 40 crows (The Scarecrow twisted their heads), 40 bees (The Tin Woodman broke their stings), The Winkies (The Cowardly Lion scared them), The Wicked Witch of the West (Dorothy spilled water on her and she melted away), The Winged Monkeys (golden cap)

11. ----------YELLOW BRICKS-------

12. "There was no road---not even a pathway--- between the Winkie castle of the Wicked Witch and the Emerald City. "