Learing Objective: Compare shared & non-shared characteristics of animals in writing

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Learing Objective: Compare shared & non-shared characteristics of animals in writing by Mind Map: Learing Objective: Compare shared & non-shared characteristics of animals in writing

1. Learning Profile: Visual

1.1. Pictures of new vocabulary words provided

1.1.1. Characteristic Picture of bear with bubbles and arrows highlighting the characteristics (fur, 4 legs, his diet, his backbone etc.) Image of an alligator and its characteristics (scales, 4 legs, backbone, his diet) Use these 2 images when giving the definition in KWL activity and then again when comparing with Venn Diagram activity

1.2. Venn Diagram will include pictures

1.2.1. When I model, I will use the images from above and the students will work together to determine shared & non-shared characteristics on the board before completing a similar assignment on their own with different animals

1.3. Draw images on KWL chart based on student responses

1.3.1. For example, if a student says that some animals have the shared characteristic of all having fur, I would write that and then draw fur above the word 'fur' as a visual

2. Interest: Specific favorite animals

2.1. Differentiate Product: Choice to choose 2 animals to compare during Venn Diagram classification activity

2.1.1. Students will get the option to choose the animals they compare for the Venn Diagram comparison activity or I will choose for them

2.2. Video

2.2.1. Hook them on the unit with this video on animal classification

3. Readiness Level: Below grade level

3.1. Narrow the options for students to choose from for Venn Diagram classification activity

3.1.1. Present 4 animal pictures to student and allow him/her to pick two to compare

3.1.2. This makes the assignment more tangible and less abstract for those students

3.2. Limit the goal number of characteristics listed

3.2.1. Set a realistic goal for the students as to how many shared & non-shared characteristics they should list (1-2 for students achieving at below grade level might be the goal for these students as opposed to 3-5)

4. Learning Profile: Kinesthetic

4.1. Differentiate Content: Provide action for new vocabulary word

4.1.1. Characteristic I will use right hand and act like I am pulling up fur on my left arm with my fingers All students will be required to "mirror" the word using whole brain teaching's process that they mirror me while repeating the word and doing the movement. I will ask them to "teach" the word to a classmate while repeating and showing a classmate the picture paired with the word I will refer to this motion and vocab word all throughout the unit

4.2. Differentiate Process: Group Classification Activity

4.2.1. The students will sit in groups of 4 and get 4 pictures of animals that they will have to classify based on their characteristics

5. Interest: Monsters

5.1. Hook students by opening up with two monster pictures or drawings and compare their characteristics

5.1.1. Some students might find humor in this and it would encourage them to involve themselves in the lesson

5.2. Allow students to draw their own monsters and then compare with those of their partner

5.2.1. This gives them a little creative freedom and would engage them in the lesson as it would be exciting to compare monsters

6. Readiness Level: Above grade level

6.1. Learning Menu

6.1.1. Include fun "dessert" option on assignment for students to complete after they finish their "main entree" They can draw

6.1.2. Employee

6.2. Increase the goal for number of characteristics to be named in Venn Diagram comparison activity

6.2.1. Based on abilities, these students might be able to come up with 5-6 shared characteristics for their two animals

6.2.2. I could also challenge them to list as many characteristics as they could think of and include a small reward (first in line when walking to the next co-curricular class

6.3. Students could create a basic presentation while taking pictures of drawings and/or magazine cutouts to compare animal characteristics and then record over their video to describe the differences using a program like Shadow Puppet Edu

6.3.1. Shadow Puppet Edu