Summary of Learning

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Summary of Learning by Mind Map: Summary of Learning

1. Major Project

1.1. Bill Mounce

1.1.1. The Basics of Biblical Greek

2. Cool Tool Review

2.1. Pixlr Express

2.1.1. Destinations

2.2. Word Clouds for Kids


2.4. Piktochart

2.5. Prezi

3. PLN Blogs

4. Weekly Topic Videos

4.1. A Teenager's View on Social Media

4.1.1. How do you as a student see social media? Destinations Destinations

4.1.2. My dislike of technology at the beginning

4.1.3. Read peers' blogs to get a feel for their opinions Destinations

4.2. Is Sharing a Moral Imperative?

4.3. Open Education

4.4. TPACK

4.5. Digital Citizenship

4.6. Copyright Awareness

4.7. eBooks

4.7.1. Used eBooks as a summary of learning in Special Education

4.7.2. Gave purpose to the classroom

4.7.3. the first presentation where I felt my views of technology start to shift

4.8. Digital Learning Spaces

4.8.1. Are brick-and-mortar classrooms tech friendly?

4.8.2. Do our current desks allow collaborative work?

4.8.3. Does your classroom have an online presence?

4.9. Formative Assessment

4.10. Blended Learning

4.10.1. online learning & brick-and-mortar

4.10.2. Better for smaller class sizes

4.10.3. Using technology for the sake of having technology inhibits learning

4.11. Teacher Productivity

4.11.1. Jake Miller's problem/solution view

4.11.2. Google Slides presentation shares exactly the same views that I have developed this semester

4.11.3. Technology use evolves; what was once a solution, might have a problem in the future and call for a new technology.