Community Living Burlington

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Community Living Burlington by Mind Map: Community Living Burlington

1. How does the agency address equity, inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity?

1.1. Children’s Inclusion Services

1.1.1. Community Living Burlington provides Inclusion Services for children with differing abilities. Children’s Inclusion Services work in partnership with other services in the community and are committed to providing quality services that are based on current research and practice. Children’s Inclusion Services provides services that support quality inclusion in licensed child care programs, nursery school or private home child care in the community for children aged 2 until the September of their Junior Kindergarten (JK) year. Children’s Inclusion Services is a family centered service and focuses on building the child’s capacity in their daily environment at home and in their child care setting.

2. What are the vision and goals of the agency?

2.1. The mission of Community Living Burlington is to enrich the quality of life and to promote full and meaningful inclusion in our community of individuals who have a developmental disability.

3. What services/programs for Ontario students and their families?

3.1. Developmental Services Ontario helps adults with developmental disabilities connect to services and support in their communities. There are nine agencies across Ontario that help serve the community.

3.1.1. The supports and services available include: Residential support (provide individual support to help people reach their personal goals as it pertains to their person centered plan. A range of service and support models are offered: including 24 hour support group living, live-in support, Supported Independent Living and Associate Family Home) Employment support services (assists people to find meaningful employment and to help the employee work toward independence. The support offered ranges from job searching, resume writing, interview support, on site coaching, job retention and job loss intervention) Caregiver support Community participation supports (like recreation, volunteering, employment, or in-home supports) Professional-directed planning Other supports to help people with developmental disabilities become more involved in their communities

3.1.2. Day Programs Community participation activities provide various opportunities to help people develop independence, build social, emotional and community-participation skills, encourage learning and personal development, and provide respite to parents and caregivers Start it Right: a transitional day program that takes a holistic approach toward building essential life skills for people to live a healthy and active life Life Skills: offers participants the opportunity to get involved in a variety of activities to enhance skills of daily living. Life skills help people build social, emotional and community-participation skills Afterschool and Respite Program: provides a safe and caring environment to allow parents and caregivers an interval of rest from their busy schedules New Horizons: engages seniors within their local community. The goal is to reduce isolation and increase participation among seniors who are vulnerable to becoming isolated, depressed and at rick for various health issues.

4. How are services/programs accessed?

4.1. In order to access supports and services at Community Living Burlington you can contact the local Developmental Support Ontario office.

5. Additional Information

5.1. Community Living Burlington is Burlington’s oldest and largest non-profit charitable organization. They are celebrating 60 years of service! In October 1955, a group of community-minded parents met to discuss educational opportunities for their children. The parents developed the first class for children who have a developmental disability. Today, Community Living Burlington provides multiple services to more than 400 people who have developmental disabilities in Burlington. Community Living Burlington strives to be a leader in the community by providing exceptional support to children and adults who have a developmental disability.