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Heroism by Mind Map: Heroism

1. Ant Man

1.1. A fictional hero that was created by Marvel company.

1.1.1. The hero is Scott Lang (Ant Man) A skilled thief that went to jail for many times. Made a new goal in his life which is being a hero in his daughter's eyes. Found a suit that makes him shrink like an ant. Dr. Hank(old inventor) gave Scott Lang a mission to help people from an evil scientist that wanted war to happen.

1.2. Effects

1.2.1. Kids Show kids that stealing leads to jail but at the same time it can be used for good intention.

1.2.2. Adults They can change their bad habits (like stealing) to good for the sake of their children.

2. Assassin Creed

2.1. A historical game made by Ubisoft company.

2.2. The hero is Ezio Auditore da Frenze

2.2.1. A teenage boy that witnessed his family got executed in front of his eyes.

2.2.2. Became an assassin to find the person who gave the order to kill his family.

2.2.3. Helped people that had problems with the same person and gave him a hint to find him.

2.2.4. Rebuild houses and gave money to people who needed.

2.2.5. His method to solve problems was assassinate criminals and bad people.

2.3. Effects

2.3.1. It's not suitable for kids because of the method the assassin is using

2.3.2. It tells the history of other real heroes and what they've been through (Knowledge)

2.3.3. Never give to unfair treatments and fight for justice

3. What is Heroism

3.1. From where it's originated

3.2. A true life story example of heroic act

4. Heroes