Branding Myself by Sherrod Thomas II

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Branding Myself by Sherrod Thomas II by Mind Map: Branding Myself by          Sherrod Thomas II

1. Audience

1.1. Older employees

1.1.1. Make humor about kids, since some may be parents.

1.1.2. Talk about gaming from different generations

1.1.3. Age 30 and over (mostly)

1.2. Japanese

1.2.1. Must Speak Japanese or else they will not hire me.

1.3. English

1.3.1. Should be much easier since that is my main language

1.4. Company

1.4.1. SEGA SEGA of America SEGA of Japan

1.4.2. CAPCOM Capcom of Japan Capcom of America

2. Full Sail

2.1. Mobile Development

2.1.1. What programs I used from mobile development that is related to the company position that I am trying to go after

2.2. Game Design

2.2.1. What programs I used from Game Design that can help the company

3. Creation

3.1. Mobile Game

3.1.1. Explain how I can help them in the mobile buisness by devopling games for phones Show how many people bought the product and demographics as well.

3.1.2. If Full Sail does cover it, I can explain that I can help them in the handheld department.

4. Presentation

4.1. Beginning

4.1.1. Explain why I am becoming a game developer and want to join their company. Use Full Sail as a reference or experience making the game.

4.1.2. Give them the title of the game I worked on or am currently working on.

4.1.3. Tell them about the tools I used from Full Sail

4.2. Middle

4.2.1. Show them a video or anything of the game that I am working on.

4.2.2. Sales chart or graph to demonstrate how much money they could earn with my assistance

4.3. End

4.3.1. Tell them that I am eager to start and would like to work with them( using emphasis this time)

4.3.2. Remind them of the certain skills that I have so that they will remember.

4.3.3. End with a STAR moment to impress them.

4.3.4. Share stories of Full Sail or Europe

5. Obstacles

5.1. Skills

5.1.1. What have I done in the video game industry that will impress them

5.1.2. Are my skills good enough for the job?

5.1.3. Did any of my skills lead to success of any type?

5.2. Ideas

5.2.1. Are my ideas related to the industry

5.2.2. Can my ideas give a new angle or concept that they can follow

5.2.3. Should I present one idea or a lot of ideas?

5.3. Me

5.3.1. Forgot important information

5.3.2. Unable to answer a question correctly.

5.3.3. Confidence being sapped from said questions

6. Parts that are extremely hard that I will obviously have trouble in because I am a human being.

6.1. Speaking loud and clear

6.1.1. People always tell me that when I present anything.

6.2. Knowledge of product and information

6.2.1. I may forget something that could make the presentation suck or worse.

6.3. Improvisation

6.3.1. It shows that I do not know my craft.

6.4. Languge( If speaking to Japanese company)

6.4.1. I would definitely say something dumb if I don't know how to speak the language.

6.5. Keeping the audience intrested or not having enough STAR moments.

6.5.1. I want them to ask "How do you do use your craft?", not "Why are you here?"

6.6. Being boring as sand in the desert

6.6.1. If they lose interest, then I lost the game.

7. STAR Moments

7.1. Video

7.2. A photo with the people that I worked with or real people who I presented my idea to

7.3. Humorous moment during the slides

7.4. Sales graph that will impress them

7.5. Background if necessary

8. Presentation Methods

8.1. Power Point (easiest)

8.1.1. I have the most experice with this

8.2. Prezi (fancy)

8.2.1. Has not used a lot, but still advantageous.

8.3. Video

8.4. Music

8.4.1. Will hype up the STAR moment.

9. Reason I am doing this

9.1. Reason

9.1.1. To be in a job that I can create my dreams

9.1.2. My love of video gaming and obsession of being able to make one.

9.2. Hopeful Reation

9.2.1. They are impressed with my talents and presentation and let me join the company.

9.2.2. The interviewers do not think of anything negative from the presentation.

10. Props

10.1. Flashy

10.1.1. Finger Lasers

10.2. Point

10.2.1. Ruler stick

10.2.2. Laser

10.2.3. An actual stick Adds a bit of weirdness to the presentation

10.2.4. Selfie Stck Just to be wacky and add attention

10.2.5. Whatever pointing tool is invented in the year I try to get employed by a major gaming company.

10.3. Odd

10.3.1. The gift my homestay family gave me. May creep them out, but will keep their eyes on me.

10.3.2. Gaming merchandise

10.3.3. Something from Full Sail( hope they like orange)

11. Visuals

11.1. Pictures

11.1.1. Personal Use nephews playing games, just so that can make the presentation look cooler.

11.1.2. Games that the company made

11.1.3. Games that I made

11.2. Art

11.2.1. I suck at drawing so my dad can help with that if necessary.