Catulpa Community Support Services

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Catulpa Community Support Services by Mind Map: Catulpa Community Support Services

1. Vision Statement

1.1. Improving the lives of people with special or unique needs by engaging and advocating for essential community services and supports

2. Goals

2.1. A community where the people we serve are recognized and valued as contributing members of their community and are fully integrated into the activities of their communities

3. Equity, Inclusion and awareness of cultural diversity

3.1. By offering services to families that are new to Canada

3.2. By using services that include all children in school or summer programs

3.3. By offering support to any family in the community that comes forward to them

4. Services/ Programs

4.1. Community Action Program for Children (CAPC)

4.1.1. Programs to help young families, low income families and families new to Canada

4.1.2. Some programs include: transition classes (preschool to school), breakfast clubs, young parent resources, and integration to Canada programs

4.2. Crisis Response Coordination Program

4.2.1. Support individuals with dual diagnosis who are experiencing a crisis

4.2.2. Link the individuals to more services if assistance is needed

4.3. Early Intervention Resource Teacher Program

4.3.1. A program to work with families who may have concerns about their child entering school

4.3.2. Work with families to help prepare their children who may have disabilities to enter school

4.4. Family Resource Services

4.4.1. To assist families with a child who has a developmental or physical disability

4.4.2. Offers camp programs, services, child care, general support, funding for extra-curricular

4.5. Respite Care Services

4.5.1. A service where an individual will help a family create better opportunities for their child with disabilities

4.5.2. The respite worker may work at the house or take the child out for fun activities

4.6. Wraparound

4.6.1. A family chooses a team to create, support and reach specific goals

4.6.2. The team will include family, friends and professionals

5. How to access services

5.1. Visit their website

5.2. Visit the head office: 165 Ferris Lane Barrie, ON

5.3. Phone the office: (705)733-3227

6. Interesting Facts

6.1. There are many other services offered that are not related to education as well there are adult services available

6.2. Website reference: