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STWC by Mind Map: STWC

1. Testing Topics

1.1. Functional Testing

1.2. Non-Functional Testing

1.2.1. Performance Testing Stress testing Load testing

1.2.2. Security Testing Examples Form fields not encoded - user can enter HTML Switch user accounts - data saved to previous account Able to upload .exe file

1.2.3. Usability Testing

1.2.4. Accessibility testing

1.2.5. Tools Monkey

1.2.6. Compatability Testing

2. Deliverable /Templates

2.1. Bug Report

2.1.1. Need to decide on template A descriptive title A concise description Clear expected results Details about the project and version Release Device/Browsers and versions Platform details Type and Severity Steps to reproduce (very important) A visual attachment screenshots Logs Tags and links An assignee

2.2. Test Report

2.2.1. Need to decide on template State of System under test (SUT) In scope Out of scope Strategy Major issues Feedback on system state

3. Investigation

3.1. Browser Stack

3.2. Sauce Labs

3.3. Video Recording Tool

4. Marking criteria

4.1. Criteria

4.1.1. Importance of bug filed

4.1.2. Quality of bug report

4.1.3. How reproducible bug is

4.1.4. How team interacts with judges

4.1.5. Teamwork if visible

4.2. Breakup of 100 points

4.2.1. 20 points - bugs customer cares

4.2.2. 20 points - quality of bug report

4.2.3. 20 points - quality of test report

4.2.4. 20 points - accuracy of test report

4.2.5. 20 points - non functional testing

4.2.6. 10 points - interacting with judges

5. Accounts

5.1. Create twitter account

5.2. create hangout account

5.3. create gmail account, for mindmap

5.4. Check for Lean testing latest on 7th sep

6. Contingency

6.1. Issue in Lean testing


6.2. Emergency cases

6.2.1. [email protected]

6.2.2. Examples for very urgent cases: a) You haven't received a Lean Testing invitation, but your team colleagues already did. b) it is game day and you haven't received an invitation. c) you got an invitation, but it doesn't work

6.3. Send report to

6.3.1. [email protected]

7. Focus

7.1. Walk through the bug reporting tool


7.2. Logs verification tools

7.2.1. General --> Privacy --> Diagnostic & Usage --> Diagnostic & Usage Data.

8. Questions

8.1. Which functional areas should we be focusing on?

8.2. What is the most important way to log in the app from PO perspective (if applicable)?

8.3. What functionality is available in offline mode?

8.4. What is the target audience?

8.5. What are you trying to achieve from the testing of this product - Mission of testing?

8.6. What quality standards acceptable for the app?

8.7. What are Non functional requirements?

8.8. What are risky areas in the app and why?

8.9. What are the risks of failure?

8.10. How would you like the user to use the app - tours?

8.11. Is there specific area on a particular platform we should be focusing on?

8.12. Is the app already in production?

8.13. If in production, how long it has been in production?

8.14. Is there a new functionality added in the recent release?

8.15. Is there a particular functionality which has more issues?

8.16. What is the priority of the functional areas?