The Pursuit of Being

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The Pursuit of Being by Mind Map: The Pursuit of Being

1. Being and consciousness

1.1. Consciousness is directly related to things that cannot be reduced to our consciousness of them.

1.2. The Pursuit of Being is the first part to BN and there are 6 sections: 1/2 - Objects are not reducible to their appearances - being consists in more than being perceived. They are transphenomenal. Reality is revealed in their appearances. 3 - Consciousness is also transphenomenal i.e consists in something more than being perceived. 4/5 - Phenomena reveal the being of things. The proof of reality is derived from intentionality. 6 - What is the meaning of the whole formed (being-in-the-world), which is derived from the 2 oppositional types of being?

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2. Phenomena (appearance)

2.1. A phenomenon is something that appears and this is our starting point as phenomenologists. S thinks that appearances reveal the being of things. But then can we grasp an object in its entirety? S says no because there are always possibilities of further appearances of itself.

2.2. Being cannot be grasped conceptually. If it were it would be a further aspect of an object. Consciousness is non-conceptual awareness of objects.

2.3. Every phenomenon is an appearing of something that exists. There is nothing more to Being than their transphenomenality.

3. Being & Consciousness

3.1. Ontology is prior to epistemology - S claims that relations of being are necessary for relations of knowledge.

3.2. Consciousness has pre-reflective consciousness of itself. Being of consciousness consists in primitively being aware of itself when it is directed towards objects in the world.

3.3. Consciousness has 8 features: 1.Consciousness is intentional and is transcendant (the being of the object doesn't just consist of it being perceived) 2.It has pre-reflective consciousness of itself 3.Con is empty - no laws of nature governing activity. 4.Con is pure spontaneity or activity (We are what we do) 5. Objects do not cause or create consciousness. 6. The world does not impinge upon con. 7.It spontaneously comes into being - it doesn't create itself. 8.Con can only be motivated by itself (critical)

4. Consciousness

4.1. Consciousness refers to something outside itself - an object not just an appearance. Consciousness is intentional and intentionality requires an object. Con requires the support of objects. Things enjoy a condition of complete self-identity that consciousness lacks. For-itself is rough equivalent of Heidegger's Existenz, Dasein, H'aving its being to be.' Being in itself - 'is in itself' 'is what it is' and 'is'. - being is matter of brute contingency - indifferent to consciousness.

5. Hinged on nothing

5.1. Sartre investigates the whole of being in-itself, for-itself and relation between them. This whole hinges on 'nothingness', which is the link cementing the 2 realms of radically separate being.