Action Plan

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Action Plan by Mind Map: Action Plan

1. Step 3. Present alternatives

1.1. Discuss options with student

1.2. Create a positive behaviour chart

1.3. Explain how the chart works

2. Step 1. Investigate Causes

2.1. Check the student's file

2.2. Observe student

2.3. Analyze situation: When, where, who?

2.4. Analyze environment: Seating, area, possible distractions, etc

2.5. Inquire and discuss with parent

3. Step 4. Locate and utilize resources

3.1. Student resources

3.2. Teacher resources

3.3. School counsellor advice and ideas

3.4. Administrator guidance

3.5. Parent cooperation

4. Step 2. Speak with student about behaviour

4.1. Approach student after action/behaviour

4.2. Inquire into feelings

4.3. Explain what you as the teacher are noticing

4.4. Explain why the behaviour is unacceptable in the classroom, even if it might be at home

4.5. Explain that you are there to help, not to punish

5. Step 5. Continue to monitor student progress

5.1. Encourage self monitoring

5.2. Create a plan for keeping track of student's mood each day

5.3. Ask the student questions: "How are you feeling today?"

5.4. Guide the student with deciding how to handle frustrating situations as they continue to arise

5.5. Establish this as routine